Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book this Look- Emmanuelle Chriqui

Oh Emmanuelle- you make me want to drop my blogging duties asap and make my way to the local mall for a short light wash denim skirt, cut out sandals and blue clutch to match my boyfriend blazer (regardless of it being a cold and rainy Saturday morning and that fall is literally just around the corner).  No seriously, I live in Montreal and we have effortlessly hopped from spring to a 4 day summer to what now seems to be a full blown fall- argh.

Picture 9
Denim Skirt- Forever 21 $20
Boyfriend Blazer- Fred Flare $64
Cut Out Sandal- DSW $80
Clutch- Newport News $20

Fashion Board- Cropped Tops!

Fashion followers take heed- the cropped tops we so happily disposed of in the late 80's are back.  No longer can we rely on the tunics and long tanks to cover our tummies.  They are now fully exposed with the return of this trend.  As with anything new and outside the box, it will take  me a few months to grasp my head around the idea.  I am not there yet but if you feel the need to show your belly button, take a cue from these inspiring ladies on the Fashion Board below.

Picture 8

Fashion's Night Out

book this Look- some more Rihanna

OK so the harem pants are growing on me, I am not gunna lie.  I asked a fashion forward friend of mine recently how she felt about them and she shook her head "Nah, it's not right, not right at all".  I was taken aback as I assumed that any individual deemed fashionista would at least consider it as an option.  I guess I was wrong.  In any case, Rihanna is working the look here with her usual eclectic mix of pizazz and grace.  Check out 2 versions below: one for an exorbitant amount and one for super cheap.  Enjoy!

Picture 7
Tank- Stella McCartney at Kirna Zabete $285
Pants- Robert Rodriguez at Shop Bop $363

Tank- Forever 21 $15
Pants- Forever 21 $18

Book this Look- Rihanna

Picture 6

Acid Wash Denim Vest- Divine Rights of Denim at chicdowntown $53
Loafer- Franco Sarto at Endless was $79 NOW $44 sale

Monday, August 24, 2009

Book This Look- Jessica Stroup

Picture 5

Dress- Arden B was $58 NOW $40 sale  
Shoes- Charlotte Russe $30
Clutch- Forever 21 $9

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book This Look- Hilary Duff

Picture 4

T shirt- chickdowntown $39
Leggings- Charlotte Russe $8
Scarf- Urban Outfitters $20
Clutch- Forever 21 $9
Shoes- Piperlime was $155 NOW $40 sale
Earrings- Kohl's $10

Book This Look- Ashlee Simpson Wentz

Picture 1

2) Pearls- Aldo $25 
3) Heels- Dillards was $130 NOW $78 sale
4) Clutch- DSW $35

Friday, August 21, 2009

Deal of the Week- Old Navy Boy's Oxford Shirt, no seriously

Recently I have been feeling the whole slouchy Olsen/ Hudgens button down boyfriend shirt look- that casual messy je ne sais quoi- that "I rolled out of bed and grabbed what my man wore the night before and am just going to go grab a latte or some super hip of the moment drink before I hit the stores for some inspiration on this lazy sunday afternoon and I am so cool I may just belt that shirt for my evening cocktails with the ladies" look.  You see what I am trying to say?  I know I am not the only one feeling this look- there are many a female I cross paths with in Montreal who rock the laid back style (sleeves rolled up the the elbows, few buttons undone, maybe paired with a braided belt, possible worn with short shorts or jeans).  In any case (I wanted to purchase myself a shirt, slightly oversized which would make it flexible to my outfit modifications and preferably in a light blue prep school color.  I also wanted it cheap because paying even $25 for one seemed unreasonable. This is one trend I'll be done and over with in about 2 weeks.  I checked out Old Navy Women's section which offered a variety that I found too expensive ($24.50 yikes!) and too fitted (how can I pull off a boyfriend look if the shirt is not baggy??).  I was on the brink of giving up when lo and behold the Boy's (not Men's) section answered my calling: not only was the shirt that perfect oversized-ness I coveted, but the price was a tad ridiculous- $10 ON SALE!  I am not going to lie- it felt a bit odd browsing the section, looking for my size (a large I guess??) and trying it on.  But was exactly what I was looking for.  Ok, cheesy line to end this posting coming up, wait for it: Sometimes you find exactly what you are looking for in the most unexpected places- awwwwwwww. :P
Get yours at Old Navy.  I think the sale might still be on.  

Picture 29

The Zippered Legging- A Pretty Great Wardrobe Update

I found me a pair of zippered leggings while browsing the craziness that is Urban Behavior on a Friday afternoon at Eaton Centre.  The line to try things on was about a mile long so I wing (wung? winged?) it and decided I was a medium.  Leggings shopping is not really rocket science.  I tried them on at home and yes, I know they are black leggings and we have seen them on everyone and their moms (I don't think my mom owns a pair yet but I digress...) but there was something about that yummy legging detail that made me swoon-ish.  I almost grabbed a pair of the liquid shiny ones but am not really there yet.  
If you are around an Urban Behavior, get yours for $16.  

Picture 27

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book This Look- Sienna Miller

Picture 25
Skirt- Adam was $245 NOW $79 sale
Tank Top- DKNY  was $65 NOW $40 sale
Oxford Shoes- Urban Outfitters $68
Necklace- Newport News was $39 NOW $25 sale
Purse- New York & Company was $33 NOW $13.18 sale

Monday, August 17, 2009

Book This Look- Christina Aguilera

Picture 24

Pumps- Piperlime $80
Scarf- American Apparel $ 22
Cardigan- Top Shop $40
Leggings- Arden B $28

The American Apparel Fine Jersey T Dress

I am all about practicality and efficiency.  I like things quick, easy and simple.  This is depicted in pretty much every aspect of my life.  Take my cooking habits for ex- I do not have any because I do not cook.  I would rather mix an array of ingredients in a bowl, stuff them in the microwaving and hope for the best.  The outcome is not always stellar, I am not going to lie. I was so proud of myself a few days ago because I was able to simultaneously dry my hair with a diffuser and tweeze my eyebrows- the whole concoction involved a lamp shade, a small table, an extension cord and a bit of balance/coordination on my end.  If it is multi-taskable and quick, I am there.  It is no surprise then that I am alll over this American Apparel dress- there are about 9 million ways to wear it, a variety of colors and a relatively cheap price.  Simple, quick, efficient and easy- now thats my style.  Enjoy ;)

Picture 18

Book This Look- Beyonce

Picture 21
Dress- Jay Ahr at The Outnet was $2,680 NOW $804 sale
Belt- Forever 21 $7
Necklace- Kohl's $15
Peep Toes- Piperlime $50

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reader Request!

Hey there!

I just got a new job in the marketing department of a day spa and resort. The work attire is resort casual (no jeans, shorts cannot be shorter than 3 inches above the knee, no heels), and I need some outfit ideas to keep my wardrobe looking fresh, stylish and comfortable! Help me out if you can!


Resort Casual

Hey!  So I am thinking uptown NY meets the Hamptons on a Saturday afternoon, something within the vicinity of white jeans and loose fitting button down shirts (some plaid of course) and maybe a high waisted beige skirt with a tan belt a dash of white tops and a sprinkle of gold accents when it comes to accessories such as sandals and chunky bracelets.  Ohhh, and while we are at it, why not some Tory Burch inspiration meets sailer wear- a little bit of navy and a few stripes here and there and voila- your style board inspiration.


1)White Pants- Jones New York was $89 NOW $44 sale

2)Button Down Shirt- The Gap $50

3)Gold Flats- Steve Madden was $70 NOW $35 sale

4)High Waisted Skirt- Alloy $31

5)Tan Platforms- Alloy  was $40 NOW $15 sale

6)Strip Top- La Garconne was $60 NOW $42 sale

7)Racer Back Top- Boutique to You $44

8) Bangles- Charlotte Russe $5

9) Belt- Target $17

10) Necklace- Arden B $18

Picture 13

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get your drool on- Loeffler Randall style

Loeffler Randall finally has their website up and running.  No longer do we have to score the aisles of to catch of glimpse of their newest style.  Their site is a one stop shop chock fill o' super duper expensive goodies.  I do believe I managed to insert about 5 clichés in hat last sentence.  In ay case, check em out and gush over the hotness that is an over sized blazer or their take on the leather jacket.  Oh and i dare you not to have the overwhelming urge to fork over $375 for that shoulder dress.

Picture 5

Sunday, August 09, 2009

2009 Teen Choice Awards

Picture 12
Pics courtesy of Fabsugar!

2009 Teen Choice Awards

Picture 11
Pics courtesy of Fabsugar!

2009 Teen Choice Awards

Picture 10

Pics courtesy of Fabsugar!

The 2 Pieces you might want for Fall if you don't own them already (all under $100)

Boyfriend blazers and jeans are nothing new for the fashionistas of the world.  But the trend is still going strong.  Your bf blazer can be layered with a hoodie underneath or paired with a mini dress.  As for the bf jeans- wear them with sky high heels for a night out or rock your white tank and striped scarf for a chill day.  Both pieces scream uberversatility which is prob why we will see more of them for years to come.  Here are a few for under $100, cuz being budget conscious all while looking hawt is really what matters, oh that and world hunger.


Picture 8

A Mascara Love Affair

I am subletting an apt in downtown Mtl and was told I would have internet. This is not the case.  Its been more than a month that I am internet-less, thus making it extra hard for me to keep up to date with me postings.  Therefore I feel that apologies are once again in order for my lack of postings.

Ok now onto the good stuff- before talking fashion I feel the need to highlight another topic of conversation that can keep any group of girls buzzing for hours- mascara. I swear ask a girl about mascara and they can break it down like a well rehearsed dissertation: insider secrets (heat your eye lash curler with a blow dryer to make lashes extra curly), passionate topics (does that pulsating wand really work?) their faves, and the ones that do nothing for their lashes ( great lash in my case- I don't care that one tube is sold ever 2.5 seconds, clearly my lashes have issues as they develop an averse reaction to the cult classic).  In any case, last weekend I decided to reward myself (after an intense work week) with a slight splurge: $28 for a tube of hypnose mascara from lancome. Previous mascaras had me applying 3 coats before feeling borderline satisfied.  One coat of this magic potion and I am good to go. To say it changed my life would make me seem shallow right?  ;)

Picture 5

Give them the bold shoulder

It's September issue time and all that is fall is making its way to stores.  Amongst the plethora of trends to rifle through, there are a few noteworthy looks to highlight.  The strong shoulder is one to rock this season.  Channel your inner Melanie Griffith circa Working Girl with these number below:

Picture 6