Monday, October 22, 2007

How to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe...Part 1- Shorts

So we all loved those dresses, shorts and tunics tops we wore throughout the warm summer months. Thanks to the fabulous layering trend and the ubiquitious opaque tights, we do not have to stow away our most prized summer possessions. Done right, many summer pieces can be worn straight through fall and even winter. However, I strongly advise you, dearest Canadian reader, that come February I do not suggest you rock a short jersey dress, thin tights and peep toes during a snowstorm. But besides extreme weather conditions...go nuts. Really and truly, all you need are tights, a few long sleeve tops and the right shoes. Then its crazy party time!

I present to you, exhibit A:

A Night Out with the Girls

Take your summer shorts, add tights, a clutch and some rockin shoes (the key here is the shoe) and off you go my dear!

Not feeling the heels? Are you more of a boot kind of girl. No problem. Check out #2:

A day browsing the streets of Montreal for more clothing you don't need ;)

And voila...winterizing your summer wardrobe is this I will tackle the summer dress.


Anonymous said...

Very well done! I haven't actually seen anybody rocking shorts in Montreal this fall yet, but I'm sure I will.

By the way, do we Montrealers really have to go all the way out to a Maxi & Co at Jean Talon East to find the Joe Fresh goodies you've been posting? I'm hoping the Joe Fresh website's 'store finder' is just broken..

Trendini said...

thanks! The shorts with tights combo needs to be done!

I am afraid that yes, Montrealers need to make their way to Jean Talon for their Joe Fresh fix...their site is not broken, sorry to say. If you are a south shore girl, you can always go to the one in Longueuil...they should expand...we should start a petition!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I love everything, such great tips
the clutches in the first section are stunning!

Anonymous said...

i am loving the clutches... need one in every color!

Gray Boot Lover said...

Please tell me where those gray boots with the straps are from???
i think they're super cute, can you post the link as a response to this post?


Trendini said...

Hey Gray boot lover

they are from zappos at $147
here is the link: