Friday, April 20, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Drew Barrymore

*So we all see how Drew looks quite pretty and simple here right? Ok, the next time we are in front of our burgeoning closets, staring in disbelief and utter confusion, wondering why, oh why we have nothing to wear, let us all remember this picture of Drew. So simple with just a couple of accessories. I am quite sure we all own a black top (I own about 85) and we all have either a pair of white pants or- if white pants is not your thing cuz you think it is too Miami Vice- a pair of jeans. Put that together with a simple bangle and a nice purse and voila! Dahhhling, you will dazzle them all with your effortless style. Oh and don't forget the lipgloss (for a touch of lustre to the ensemble). Love. It.