Thursday, May 24, 2007

Camileon Heels

Camileon Heels...hum...

I don't know about you all but I hate walking long distances in heels. Working in the fashion business, people expect you to look at least a tad decent. What I, like many others, do is walk to work in our flats and change into one of the 10 pairs of heels hidden under our desks.

Apparently this is no longer an issue.

Through fate and noticing the ever present struggle women have with walking long distances in heels, Donna and Dr. David Handel have come up with the Camileon Heel. Basically, the heels can be adjusted (as per the video) to a 1 1/2" oh look at me walk 20 block in the city without a wince heel to a 3 1/4" don't I look hot a confident heel. Not too shabby...

Besides the comfort when you walk factor, there are a few other advantages.

You save money as you buy less shoes -euh, am I actually trying to convince myself that I will buy less shoes...My, my isn't it easy to lie to oneself?

Another great aspect is not having to worry about different shoes for different pairs of pants. Come on now, who's with me: how many of us out there have to think through which pants we are wearing with which heels? I hate wearing my "long" pants with my flats and hear the fabric drag through the streets-ugh. Or even worse, wear my "short" pants with my heels and all of a sudden, people can see the start of my ankles: not cool. So this gadget solves that problem.

The only catch, and there is always one: the frikin cost. This is totally not a Book This Look shoe. At a whopping $305.00USD for the Camelia, you may as well by yourself 2 pairs of Aldo's. However the brand does boast extreme comfort. Really, the decision is up to you, I just thought this concept is a *smack your forehead with your hand* "why didn't I think of that?" kind of idea. You can get your Camileon Heel at or check their website for US locations.