Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Silver Lining

If the runway shows of Spring 07 taught us anything, it was that the future is here, and it is here to stay. Nicolas Ghesquière had the Balenciaga models in pieces suitable for the Jetson family. Gucci and Stella McCartney also provided their touch of futurama to Spring with their space age goggles and silver dresses.

This evidently has trickled down to the retail world and the results were unanimous: silver, silver and oh…did I mention silver?

From ballerina flats at H&M, bangles at Le Chateau, big bags at Aldo and what’s this: leggings at American Apparel (??)…silver was and still continues to be everywhere. We are completely inundated with this non color.

For some of us (i.e. Trekkies, astronauts and strippers) it is business as usual.

But for us regular gals, this trend can leave us scratching our heads and wrinkling our noses.

If not done correctly, we could run the risk of looking like a roll of aluminum foil or a slightly overdone Christmas tree.

So, like anything else in fashion, apply this trend in moderation. If you follow these simple rules, you will outshine them all (not sure who them all is but whatever).

1) Go the accessory route if silver leggings (top right) scare you. A sandal, bag or necklace says enough.

2) Stick to only one accessory at a time to avoid sensory overload ( steer clear of the knee high silver boots along with the matching silver scarf)

3) For a touch of silver on a garment, go with a top that has some lurex or a silver-ish feel

4) Wear your silver with a simple outfit. The silver should be the center of attention (not your plaid pants, fur coat or Cosby style sweater).

5) If you must wear the silver leggings, then fine, do it but may I suggest you wear black leggings over them?