Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reader Request! What to Wear to an Interview

I've been following your blog now for about a year, and I really love it!
I'm getting close to college graduation now, and I am just lucky enough to have landed a super-important interview in NYC.
I'm totally clueless as to what I should wear, so I was hoping you might be able to offer some advice.
Here's the dirt:
- the interview/job is in NYC
- it's for a graphic design firm, so I need something artsy yet chic
- my current style is a mix of basics, favorite stores are gap, old navy, and j. crew
- i want something that stands out, and i'm not afraid of color or prints & i love accessories!!
- i'm 5'7, but very curvy (so basically, i'm not a size 4.. more like 14)
Thanks so much!! i hope to hear from you!!!
- Nervous & Clueless in RI


Ok first of all- good luck on the interview!

Below, I have 2 outfits for you. The first is a sleeveless number. Seeing as you will be working in a more creative and less uptight environment, the sleeveless-ness should not be an issue. However, if you do not feel comfortable with that, I have an 2nd option for you below. The top is nice and printy and the skirt is high waisted. If you want to dress it up a bit more, layer on a blazer.

Where to Shop

Vest $120

Belt $39

Clutch $275

Shoes $23

Pants $20


Where to Shop

Skirt $25

Top $18

Shoes $23

Belt $85

Cheap vs. Steep- The Spring Shirt Dress

spring shirt dress

This spring, shirt dresses are a must have. There is so much you can do with one. Paired with a skinny tan belt, layered over leggings, worn with motorcycle boots, the options are endless!

Where to Shop
Steep- Sari Gueron at Shop Bop $795
Cheap- American Apparel $85

Canvas is the new Converse

canvas shoes

I must admit that I did not see this one coming. The popularity of canvas shoes in Montreal is staggering. I can't say for the rest of the Canadian or American cities but right here, right now, it seems to be the must have shoe. This spring, apparently canvas is the new converse. Worn with the ubiquitous leather bomber and a pair of skinny jeans, you could not be more March-April 2009 :P

Where To Shop
1) Michael Kors at Bluefly $32
2) Urban Outfitters $18
3) Forever 21 $13
4) Famous Footwear $35
5) Nordstrom $30

Cheap vs. Steep- The Caged Shoe

caged heel

If you have glanced through any fashion magazine in the last few months, you have surely seen the YSL shoes upon display in any and every editorial. Everyone is going a bit nuts over said shoes. They are quite yummy but I am not feeling that hefty price tag. Here are a few that are not THE YSL's but hey come on, they still look hawwwtt!

Where to Shop
YSL at Barney's $1590
Ravinstyle $215
Loeffler Randall at Shop Bop $515
Michael Kors at Jildor $99