Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why Joe Fresh is so Fresh

As you walk into a Maxi or a Canadian Superstore, browsing the aisles for the regular milk, butter and cheese, the last thing you expect is to land on the perfect pair of bright flats, or the ideal summer bag, or even, what’s this? Ohhhh, pretty printed skirts!

That’s exactly how it feels when you walk through a Joe Fresh Style.
Joe Fresh Style was founded by Joseph Mimran (the same dude who thought up Club Monaco and Caban). There are so many great things about this "groceretail" store. The prices are extremely affordable (think $14.00 for a 3/4 sleeve tunic), the set-up is uncluttered and actually pleasant. And yes, there are change rooms (unlike other places where you have to assume you are a medium). The staff is quite helpful and friendly. The merchandising makes you want to buy EVERYTHING (I need a cash register in my kitchen right?) On top of all this: It is Canadian!

The Joe Fresh area is divided in sections such as womenswear, menswear, sleepwear, loungewear and last but not least :accessories. Did I mention the comfortable cheap flats ($16)?

So the next time you are doing your regular grocery shopping, make it a point to stop by and check it out. You won’t be disappointed…and if you are, well… I told you about the flats right?

Visit their website for a store near you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Note: The Bedo top is racer back with slight shimmery stripes and is a bit sheer so you may have to wear something else underneath, unless you wish to appear slightly nakes...its up to you :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring's Eyelet

Monday, March 26, 2007

Peter Som's Spring Coat


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Zara Basics

Transit Spring "ELISOTA"


*Notice how this outfit does not need much to prove a point. The dress says it all.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Tristan & America

or Jacob for $24.00

Jeans (high waist/ wide leg)
Costa Blanca

Aldo "Copacabana"


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Madonna Hits H&M Today

This would not be a Canadian retail fashion blog without the obligatory Madonna hits H&M stores post. Gucci Girl had previously provided you with the lovely ad a few posts ago. Now it is my turn to show you what material the Material Girl has to offer (oh come on now, I am allowed at least 1 Madonna pun here).

Her line is very neutral. She has the blacks, whites, pinks, beiges and let us not forget the accessories. Euh, but $34.90 for sunglasses, not so much...
Regardless, the rest of the line looks quite pretty. The wrap dress in black and white is veeery H&M. And the white shift with metallic pattern is almost a copy of the Hot like fire black and white Chanel dress Cameron has worn. Notice there is also a bodysuit present...could this be? Could 1994 really be back? I hope so as bodysuits were quite practical...they don't bunch.

In any case, enjoy!

For those of you who have the opportunity to hit it up, let me know how it goes. I guess Madonna is definitely here to dress us up in Her Love, (In Her Love). But I do wonder if those darn turbans will be sold out...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seriously? No, Seriously? Turbans…oh my!

When Prada models sashayed down the runway with satin turbans, we all wrinkled our noses (well at least I did). Then I thought to myself, whatever, it’s just Prada being Prada. Later on, I was flipping through VogueGlamourHarpers and saw a Ralph Lauren model proudly displaying her black turban with
What’s this? A jewel in the front? (See top right pic). Then slight concern came over me. If Ralph Lauren, Mr. White blouse and Faded Denim himself had this…who would be next? I guess I spoke too soon. Now you will be able to get your own turban (see below) at your local H&M thanks to Madonna…oh yeah, you heard right. Miss Dress you Up in Her Love (In Her Love) wants us to wear turbans starting tomorrow, March 22nd. I am a little too Gap-ish for such a trend. I really wonder if this will take off…if it does, I guess I’ll be the only one going: oh my. So, would you wear a turban?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Top(93% Modal & 7% Elastane)

Suzy Shier
or Dynamite for $30.00





Monday, March 19, 2007

Black & White - Eternal Style

Black and white is strong for Spring 2007 and for Fall 2007. It is timeless and will NEVER go out of style - Donna Karan, Viktor & Rolf, Derek Lam, and Gucci (dress on right) were all showing on the runways for all of 2007. It's great for work and transforms to evening wear. Always fresh, crisp and put together, but you can always add a twist to make it fit with this season's other trends of shirt dresses, kimono sleeve, bold prints and polka dots.

Black and white works for every body type and budget. Take a look at Club Monaco's display and website -

There are tons out there-H&M, Gap, Costa Blanca Zara, Old Navy. Try and mix more frou frou pieces (ruffles, tiered, layers) with another piece that is tailored and fitted in order for balance. For those who are top heavy, wear black on the top and white on the bottom.

Let's not forget about the prettiest thing in the world .... SHOES! Micael Kors (right) has a playful wedged heel for the summer which is super fun! But there's so much else out there - ballerina flats, strappy sandals, peep toe... Check out Aldo for a whole assortment!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Peep Toe Shoes Continued...

Ok, so in a perfect and slightly skewed world, you just won an obscene amount of money and feel the need to buy some expensive peep toes (after you have given money to family and friends all while curing world hunger of course...)

May I suggest a few of these over the top Designer shoes
from (and yes, people really do walk in these):


Montreal Fashion week is upon us. From March 19th-23rd, you can view some well known designers (as mentioned above) and some up and coming ones as well.
For more info, visit their website.

EVERYDAY PEEPS: Peep Toe Shoes for Spring07

Showing just a little. Giving them just a taste. Playing hard to get. All these strategies have been used by many of us to get what we want…am I right? Now our toes are doing it as well. It is safe to say that this season, the same can go for the trend in shoes. Granted this does go back to Christina Aguilera circa 2005, but still…

Peep toes have been around for a while and yet continue to gain in popularity. They evoke the 40’s look that designers were showing on the runway (Chanel, Cavalli, and Prada to name a few). They give us just a peek at what is in the shoe: pretty, pretty toes, well at least trimmed toes (please tell me you trim your toes and don’t let them grow out all long and yellow and curly *wow, I have managed to upset my own stomach*…

Wear them to work with tights (which is the new legging…haha…fashion is so all over the place I even sometimes don’t get it), pair them with your dress (remember, you have like 3 now) or your shorts from last season. While you are at it, get some pretty nail polish. Some cool (and most importantly, inexpensive) suggestions from my cosmetics guru friend are: O.P.I (they have a variety of colors) and L'Oreal's New PRO Manicure Line.

Get your Peeps at:

Costa Blanca
Kitten Heel
avail colors: white, dark silver, & black

Transit/ Spring
Flat Peep (patent or metallic)
Stacked Heel (wood)
patent or not-avail colors:red & black
avail colors: black, white & leopard print
$49.99- $59.99

Le Chateau
Stacked Heel
available colors: white, red, teal, brown & black
$49.95- $59.95


High or Platform Heel
available colors: metallic, brown, red, black & white
$79.99- $110.00