Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Book This Look- Cameron Diaz

I realize I am about a decade late on this one. Apparently, if you want the most recent looks, then Lookbook is not the place to be :)
Yeah, she wore this eons ago at the MTV movie awards when she had to show off what she's got as her dear ex bf Mr Dirty Pop aka the one that apparently brought sexy back (but was it really gone in the first place???) was showing up with his shiny new companion: Ms. Biel. Therefore Cameron felt she needed to show her hot like fire legs...and then some (of course I know this as her and I are dear friends- we even chatted beforehand in her dressing room :P ).
Anyways, you can get this look for pretty cheap...gotta love Urban Behavior for that. Granted we do not have a Forever21 in Montreal but by golly, we can still rock the mass produced-inexpensive-will only wear it like 3 times before we start to wonder why we even bought it in the first place look.
Enjoy! :)