Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book this Look- Emmanuelle Chriqui

Oh Emmanuelle- you make me want to drop my blogging duties asap and make my way to the local mall for a short light wash denim skirt, cut out sandals and blue clutch to match my boyfriend blazer (regardless of it being a cold and rainy Saturday morning and that fall is literally just around the corner).  No seriously, I live in Montreal and we have effortlessly hopped from spring to a 4 day summer to what now seems to be a full blown fall- argh.

Picture 9
Denim Skirt- Forever 21 $20
Boyfriend Blazer- Fred Flare $64
Cut Out Sandal- DSW $80
Clutch- Newport News $20

Fashion Board- Cropped Tops!

Fashion followers take heed- the cropped tops we so happily disposed of in the late 80's are back.  No longer can we rely on the tunics and long tanks to cover our tummies.  They are now fully exposed with the return of this trend.  As with anything new and outside the box, it will take  me a few months to grasp my head around the idea.  I am not there yet but if you feel the need to show your belly button, take a cue from these inspiring ladies on the Fashion Board below.

Picture 8

Fashion's Night Out

book this Look- some more Rihanna

OK so the harem pants are growing on me, I am not gunna lie.  I asked a fashion forward friend of mine recently how she felt about them and she shook her head "Nah, it's not right, not right at all".  I was taken aback as I assumed that any individual deemed fashionista would at least consider it as an option.  I guess I was wrong.  In any case, Rihanna is working the look here with her usual eclectic mix of pizazz and grace.  Check out 2 versions below: one for an exorbitant amount and one for super cheap.  Enjoy!

Picture 7
Tank- Stella McCartney at Kirna Zabete $285
Pants- Robert Rodriguez at Shop Bop $363

Tank- Forever 21 $15
Pants- Forever 21 $18

Book this Look- Rihanna

Picture 6

Acid Wash Denim Vest- Divine Rights of Denim at chicdowntown $53
Loafer- Franco Sarto at Endless was $79 NOW $44 sale