Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Bangle Theory

For those of you that read what I post (as opposed to just looking at the pretty pictures), you know that I am a huge accessories buff. I am a firm believer that a stylish woman can have a minimal closet of 1 pair of black pants, 1 white shirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 black turtleneck, and an abundance of accessories (as per below).
Now whether I abide by my own rules or not, that’s a whole other posting (or blog for that matter).

I am digressing again aren't I?

So bangles. Besides showing us how to “Walk Like an Egyptian”, they can also be referred to as bracelets. You know, the big chunky kind. Bangles are a key trend to keep in mind this season when you show your bare arms. They can update any outfit….and I mean any.
You are coming from the gym and forgot you had a date with Mr. McHunk Hot…add a gold bangle to your sporty attire and I promise he won’t notice your frizzy “I just battled with the treadmill and came out a winner” hair or your damp “who knew I had so many pores” armpits. You simultaneously have the most important meeting of your career and the worst hair day ever, two words for you: ban-gle.
Clearly my examples are extreme, but you see my point. Bangles are a favorite of mine because they are simply,easy, inexpensive and stylish, which reflects my take on fashion as well. Should you feel the dire need to be stylish (or you just want to spend some extra money), get your bangles at:
Le Chateau starting at $12.95
H&M starting at $5.90
Dynamite starting at $8.00
Costa Blanca starting at $12.50
La Maison Simons starting at $5.99
PS: Most Candian Retailers have bangles within their accessories section. I just have not listed all of them...just a few of my favorites.