Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wide Leg Pants Results...

Well it is official...most of yalls will consider going wide this season. 45% of you said you would rock the look while 28% need to think it over. 26% said hell no, the wide leg is not for them...I for one will go for it, I just need the comfortable chic heels to go with it so I don't look so stumpy.

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Open Toe Shoes in the winter (Canadian Winter at that)...oh la la.

The Printed Hoodie

On days where you just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, why not pair it with a printed hoodie (Urban Planet has great ones for $20). Oh and while you are at it...be sure to rock the nice kicks.

Book This Look- Rachel Bilson

Book This Look At:

White Long Sleeve- Joe Fresh Style $19.00
Yellow Cropped Jacket- H&M $39.90
Long Sleeve Velvet Jacket- Bedo- $109.00
Sandals- Nine West $50.00