Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Trends for the average woman are in a shape of a curve. Phase 1: You look through a magazine, roll your eyes and say: No way, that’s reserved for Lidnsay and Nicole. Phase 2: You see it again. Phase 3-6: And again. Phase 7: It shows up at H&M and you say: ok, let me try it on for fun. Phase 8: 2 months later, you go back and buy it, wondering why you never thought of it in the 1st place. I do believe that’s the effect patent leather has had on me. Except that right now, I am still in Phase 3. I can acknowledge it and appreciate it but it is not yet for me. Patent leather was hot back in the 80’s and whatever was 80’s has now become a must. This would mean that we need to start rifling through our mother’s closet for those shoulder pads (don’t panic: that’s still in Phase1).
Patent leather can be found in belts, shoes, and bags. If you are a bit shy and wish to approach this trend with caution, may I suggest a skinny belt to go at the waist. If your goal is to look like Debbie Gibson(circa Electric Youth), then why don’t you try the ankle boots, big bag and thick belt (all patent in various Crayola colors).

Get Your Patent at:

Joe Fresh Style
Ballet Flats
colors: black, white, red, green and blue

Le Chateau
Colors: Black, green, yellow

Round Toe Pump
Colors: Red, Turquoise, Bone


Wide Belt
Colors: red & black


Wide Belt
colors: dark brown, fushia, red, black green, blue, yellow


Patent Leather Clutch

Patent Leather Belt