Monday, July 09, 2007

The Braided Bunch

I am not a belt person. I don’t like to make an effort to put a belt on. And I hate trying to figure out the intricate balance between being too matchy matchy and looking like I belong in the fashion spread of Lucky Magazine.

It is just too much work for me so I choose to avoid it and deal with saggy pants. All this ended when I found a perfect braided brown belt. I wore it with white pants and felt like I belonged in Banana Republic. I paired it with denim and everything in my life seemed to fall into place.

The braided belt seems to be pretty hot right now, popping up everywhere from Gap to Smart Set to Le Cheateu.

TIP:Wear it over a long shirt (nipped at the waist or 2002 style hanging low) or as an actual belt, loops and all. It’s a nice little update to the thick belts that we saw last fall (which by the way come back bigger and badder next fall). It also beats those skinny numbers I wore that would half disappear in my tummy fat when I sat down…arghghgh.

Get Your Braided Belt at:

American Eagle $27.50
H&M $19.90
Reitmans $20.00

The Cut Off Shorts

In light with keeping it simple, the cut off shorts are the jeans of summer. Thankfully, everything is on markdown across all Canadian malls so you can get them for cheap now and enjoy whatever we have left of a summer :)
Tip: Wear them with black or white tops currently on sale for $9.99-$14.99 at most stores.
One More: You can get a great pair of cut off shorts at Jacob Connexion for $29.99.
OK Last Tip For Real Now: Urban Behavior has them at $19.80 in an oh la la short length.

The Little Black Dress

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The Little Black Dress

In keeping with my "Keep it Simple" campaign, I have all of a sudden become inspired by a plethora of ideas...
The logo for LookBook is the Little Black Dress (LBD). Every woman should own at least one and always be on the hunt for another :)
So how could I have not done a posting on my logo yet...all these months and I ignored the pillar of my blog.
Well, there is no time like the present. Above you will find a small slideshow of different LDB looks for various occasions. I will be adding on to this as more LDB's come my way. Enjoy!

BOOK THIS LOOK- Mischa Barton

I think I want to call July "Keep it Simple" Month. Let's try to not think too much when it comes to fashion and let's wear what feels comfortable and...simple. July (my birthday month!!) is all about time with family and friends, doing what we love- meaning spending less time trying to figure out what to wear and more time enjoying what we have left of the summer). As per my previous post yesterday, I will try and keep the bells and whistles to a minimum.

For this segment of Book This Look, Mischa is ever so comfortable looking in her plain printed tee and sweat pants.

So here goes:
Book This Look At:

T-Shirt Zara $19.90

Sweats Roots $60.00