Monday, April 23, 2007

Seriously Ray Ban Wayfarers?...Seriously?

What did we notice the most about Tom Cruise in Risky Business 24 “oh my goodness has it been that long” years ago?

Besides that fact the he was hot like fire -and yes, we all miss the normal, beautiful I dance in my briefs Tom- don’t you think he had on a cool pair of shades?
Granted these iconic sunglasses have been around since the 50's (appearing in movies and musice) Ray Bans Wayfarers , dare I say, were THE 80's sunglasses...

So Sienna, clever little trendster that she is, decided to start wearing them last fall (among others).
And then Scarlet...
Mischa...Kirsten... and Jessica Stam... soon followed accordingly. I guess that officially makes it a trend right?

I foresee that H&M will be carrying them soon, which means it will have hit mass apeal. I am just not feeling the “I raided the very back of dad's closet next to his beat up leather jacket and look what I found” look. It’s a bit too Ashley Olsen visits the set of Miami Vice for my taste. If I wanted that look, I would have just starred in Blues Brothers alongside Dan Aykroyd you know?

Nonetheless, I will once again disagree with myself. I am the one who vehemently swore I would never wear leggings last year and oh! look what we have here: I am about to buy my 2nd pair...and...and and Audrey Hepbrun did wear these sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany's. And if Audrey wore it, then it must be cool. We all know how the fashionistas feel about Miss Audrey and all she stood for. In the end, I guess I have yet to make up my mind on the Wayfarers...

However, if you are feeling this trend and if the sunglasses make you all warm and fuzzy inside, they are available at SunglassHut for $139.95.usd (2 of the 3 models are out of stock, which will probably make you want them more right?...admit it...) On a side note, I did see a version at Le Chateau (like what Molly is wearing here). They were plain reading glasses and last I checked, you could not get your eyes checked at Le Chateau, which pretty much means that the clear ones are starting their own trend as well. It's things like this that make me question Le Chateau and their motives...but that's a whole other posting.

Enjoy the Wayfarers!