Monday, October 22, 2007

How to Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe...Part 1- Shorts

So we all loved those dresses, shorts and tunics tops we wore throughout the warm summer months. Thanks to the fabulous layering trend and the ubiquitious opaque tights, we do not have to stow away our most prized summer possessions. Done right, many summer pieces can be worn straight through fall and even winter. However, I strongly advise you, dearest Canadian reader, that come February I do not suggest you rock a short jersey dress, thin tights and peep toes during a snowstorm. But besides extreme weather conditions...go nuts. Really and truly, all you need are tights, a few long sleeve tops and the right shoes. Then its crazy party time!

I present to you, exhibit A:

A Night Out with the Girls

Take your summer shorts, add tights, a clutch and some rockin shoes (the key here is the shoe) and off you go my dear!

Not feeling the heels? Are you more of a boot kind of girl. No problem. Check out #2:

A day browsing the streets of Montreal for more clothing you don't need ;)

And voila...winterizing your summer wardrobe is this I will tackle the summer dress.

For all you Canadians that dig Forever 21

Whilst browsing the internet yesterday, gloating secretly to myself about my current shoptox* achievement (I have gone almost 3 weeks without one single purchse whether it be piece of garment, scarf or accessory- congrats to me!!!) I came across this:

Oh la la: I know there are a few hard core canadian shoppers who lurve F21 and are now jumping up and down with glee as we no longer have to make our way across the border for our fix. We can get it online! And...and and...there is the 20% off. Can this day get ANY better???? I think not...the cherry on top is that there is free standard shipping (5-10 business days). I have already gone browsing and added a few much needed articles to my wish list. So in the end, there goes my shoptox...but it was nice while it lasted.

Check it out here!

shoptox*: a combination of shopping and detox. Employed by the writer of this blog when she feels she has spent too much money on clothes she does not need only to look over her wardrobe, exasperated as to why she has nothing to wear. The solution: stop buying things we do not need!
ps: Now I know my shoptox goes against the concept of Forever21 (inexpensive clothing that does not last long) but hey, I am a walking contradiction.