Friday, August 22, 2008


I have never been much of a girly girl, granted I do love me an unhealthy amount of long necklaces, bangles, purses and flats. However, I am the last women you would see spending my weekends at the spa. I hate when others touch my feet- so we can nix pedicures. Sky high heels scare me. As a matter of fact, kitten heels scare me too- what if I have to run somewhere? I have yet to dabble in the world of red lipstick, nor does it interest me. I have had my share of push up bras but am not a fan of the chi chi lingerie. I am proud of my purse collection yet I wish women had more clothing with pockets. I like the look of a clutch but prefer a messenger bag. Tube tops are cute but give me a plain white t shirt over a strapless bra any day. Wearing pretty dressing for a nice night out makes me go “ugh” followed by a subsequent eye roll. Getting my hair done is like puling teeth (I prefer to wear it up, no fuss, in a bun). Let’s not even get started on my ears. They are not pierced and will remain that way. The reason for this rant is twofold. A-to explain how I am not a girly girl and to also set the foundation for my posting on…drumroll…drrrrrrrrrrrrr: Menswear!!!

It’s hot this season, but in all honesty, it’s hot every season. Currently, I am all about this oversize blazer business and every time I see a girl walk by in a casual pinstripe button up, I do a double take.
So it is only fitting for me to do an homage on a current favorite piece of mine. Ill dress em up for ya, tell you how to get the look for less and sprinkle in a bit of my Cheap vs. Steep. Enjoy!

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