Monday, February 02, 2009

Cheap vs. Steep- The Fringe Boots

Reader Request! How to add pizazz to allover black

I'm having a horrid time with this! I love color, I'm always all about color, but for my new job as a hairstylist apprentice, I must wear all black, all of the time, but I have to stay fashionable and respectably dressed, I need help on how to dress in all black, and still looking cute, without looking boring! Please help me! but not boring. Are you allowed to wear accessories? If so, then I would definitely rock a scarf or a nice cocktail ring or even a cluster of pearls.
If not, then we have to focus on an allover black with punch. I would suggest 3 things- texture texture texture. That's the only way we can make allover black look fab.
Here are a few pieces you can add to an allover black outfit for some added pizazz:

Where to Shop

Tights $17

Boots $150

Leggings $49

Top $38