Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flick Off: Stop the Global Meltdown

In light of An Inconvenient Truth, eco friendly light bulbs, and green being the new black, it is only suiting that retailers would jump on the "Save the World" bandwagon.

More and more, we are seeing an emergence in this trend to be environmentally friendly. This is not bad at all. In fact, it sure beats the shoulder pads.

One major Canadian Retailer, Roots, has joined forces with Flick Off (a campaign run by members who work for a Toronto ad agency) to promote the message that we have less than a decade to make some drastic changes, or we are all...flicked. I must admit the message is pretty in your face.
The big countdown clock on the top of the page is the icing on the "we are all at fault" cake.
In any case...

T-shirts, bracelets and even a global warming action kit (consisting of flyers, stencils and stickers) can be purchased either online or at your local Roots. Prices range from $5.95 for a bracelet to $29.95 for a pretty cool t-shirt. T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton (sweet) and proceeds go to getting more people "Flicked On" (even sweeter).

In the end, the environment is something that should be taken seriously and not to sound too much like Mr. Al Gore (or Sheryl Crow for that matter) but it is up to all of us to change our habits because we can make a difference, if not for us, than for our children...

Have I crossed the line between poignant and cheesy yet?
Regardless, let's make an effort. I am not saying to go buy a t-shirt or anything. Just passing the message along is a good start.

And let's all go by the mantra:
"Actions Speak Louder than Words"

*Visit for ways that you can make a difference.

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