Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Reader Request! Top Spring Trends

As you know, spring break is just around the corner and I'm in desperate need of several great outfit ideas for spring break! Preferably, a "beach outfit", "lounge outfit", "dinner outfit" and "going-out outfit" I'm looking now to stock up on some great deals and styles, however, I need to know what's in and what's out! Thank you so much, and love, love, love your blog!!!

Thanks for reading Lookbook.
Ok ok, I am getting incredibly excited for spring!! I am also very much getting ahead of myself- what with the -27 weather we are having in Montreal. Regardless, when the weather warms up here, people get a little crazy. Good moods are in abundance. What's there to frown about? We have been hibernating for oh, what, like 8 months so spring is time to go a little wild. This year seems to be extra special (but then again I seem to think that every year).
Some trends that I am excited about:
Nude Booties
Strapless Dresses
Boyfriend Blazers
Cut Off Jeans worn at night with heels

In essence this spring is all about a chill and relaxed mood (should you choose to avoid the floral route that's also big this year) with a dash of the masculine pieces. Oh and don't forget your distressed denim (aka boyfriend jeans)
Yay Spring!

Take a look at the various outfits provided below. I went super cheap with the prices. All pieces are very versatile and outfits can be switched around. Oh, one more thing- you prob need a few white and black tank tops.


chill spring 1
Where to Shop
Cover Up
Bathing Suit

chill spring 2
Where to Shop

spring break1
Where to Shop
BF Blazer

spring break2
Where to Shop
BF Blazer

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