Sunday, March 11, 2007


The advantage of a dress is that it is easy. And so far, I am all about simple, easy uncomplicated style. All you would need for your spring wardrobe is maybe 3 dresses (knowing me, ill have 30 but that’s me, I have a serious addiction). You can easily spend less than $200 and be set for summer with a variety of dresses. And you can spend the rest of your money on 2 things: poutine and razors (you really should shave your legs if you wear a dress, especially after the hibernation we are all sloooowly waking up from).
Euh, by the way, when I said 3 dresses is all you need for Spring, I did NOT mean that you don’t need anything else. I mean, that’s all you need in terms of dresses…just had to make that clear, really, it’s important.
In any case, a mish mash of various dresses available for your perusal or purchase is provided above.