Tuesday, January 08, 2008

J. Crew Does Rings

*Prices vary from $35.00- $75.00

Gwen's Blue Suede Shoes

1) Shoes- Anthropologie $298
2) Bangle- Guess $25
3) Sunglasses- Fred Flare $10
5) Scarf- Asos $23
7) Jeans- The Gap $40

"What To Wear On A First Date" Guest Blogger- Vicky Zhou

Let's face it, men are visual creatures. Half of the reason he likely asked you out in the first place was because he was attracted to you.

Yes, this may make you question his true motives, but it's during the initial dating period that he will then assess your personality more to see if there is a match - and as you should also. Attraction does play a big role in the dating game so it is important to do your best to emphasize your best features.

That said, how you dress is going to be critically important for making sure you give off the right impression. You don't want to send him the wrong signals about you by how you dress, or he may just think you are looking for something else other than boyfriend/girlfriend status.

Here is what you need to know.

How Much To Reveal

This is often a question asked by many women because they know men like to see a little skin, but how much is too much? The answer is that you want to show enough to get his mind thinking about what is underneath. Getting him thinking and showing are two very different things, however, and something that many women seem to mix up.

A great choice is to get a really white button-up shirt by Ralph Lauren and do it up only so much that it hints at some cleavage. That, paired together with the white material, will have him dying to catch a glimpse at what you're hiding underneath.

Are High Heels Really That Sexy?

Next comes footwear. While you may not feel all that comfortable in high heels, if the occasion calls for it, definitely wear them. Men love high heels on a woman, plus it adds extra shape to your legs.

You do have to watch of course that it would be applicable with the event because otherwise, it will come of as out of place.

Check out some Steve Madden heels because often these can be either dressed up or dressed down so you will really get the best of both worlds.

What About Pants - Or Is a Skirt Better?

When in doubt, go with a skirt. Again, it's all about the imagination and men, first, love seeing your legs, and second, know that it's easier to get under that skirt (not that you'd let him if you didn't want to!). It's still the fascination you are going for to create that interest, and a skirt will definitely do it.

If you're feeling brave, go with the 'Follow Me Skirt' by Guess. It's a great length with pleats down the front and would look ultra-sexy with your white shirt.

If you'd rather stay more conservative, don't feel bad sticking with a longer skirt because that, when dressed up with sexy heels can definitely be just as appealing.

The Coat

Lastly, you come to the coat. If it's cooler outside, then a tightly fitting pea coat would be a great way to finish off this outfit.

If it's warmer weather, then a simple shall or even button up sweater would do the trick nicely.

A great place to look for coats is Victoria's Secret, as they carry many varieties. The Double-breasted Pea coat in solid colour is particularly nice and will definitely give you a classy feel.

While you're at Victoria's Secret, check out their lingerie section as well because it's a standard rule that even if he isn't going to see what you're wearing underneath your clothes on that particular date, simply by knowing yourself what you've got under there will make you feel more confident, and that is what will really attract him in the first place.

So, next time you're getting ready for a date, be sure you keep all of these factors in mind so you can give off a great impression that will get him asking for that next date. Remember, you don't have to be rich to look fabulous!

About Vicky: Vicky is a part-time freelance writer, author, and women lifestyle expert. You can read her articles here.