Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reader Request!

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Reader Request! What to Wear with the Yellow Necklace

I received this necklace for Christmas, but I am at a loss as to how to wear it!! Any suggestions?

Dear Lookbook Reader
I am loving this necklace! What a nice way to brighten an outfit during the holidays.
The possibilities here are endless I tell you! Below, I provided a few outfit ideas for various occasions. Granted I stuck with a navy, white, silver and gray color story to complement the necklace...you can venture out into brighter territory such as a printed dress with shades of green and yellow or even a purple tunic for some instant flashiness. Enjoy!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Reader Request!

I fell in love with these boots but am worried about the color. They are dark purple from Anthropologie. Do you think that I will have a difficult time pairing them with navy, black or brown? Should I stick to a basic black or brown boot? What will they go with?
Love this blog,


I love those boots! They are so different from the regular black, brown or tan ones we see. I would definitely keep them. The shade is perfect- not too flashy with just a hint of somethin' slightly outside the box. I would suggest pairing them with black or gray tunics. You can also work the dark denim jeans (they go with everything). While we are at it, why not add on a pretty little leather jacket...? I would stick to a basic palette and not overdo the accessories. Enjoy!

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Leather Jacket




Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Book This Look- Gwyneth Paltrow

Monday, December 22, 2008


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Book This Look- Rihanna

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ahem...ahem... Harem Pants?

Ugh- ok so these have been on the runway for a few seasons now. Designers such as Nicole Miller and Proenza Schouler had their models rock these "could not BE less flattering if I were wearing bubble wrap" pants. Being 5'3 with an ass and thighs, I won't even try to make it work, even if I had on a dark pair and wore them to some dark club with sky high heels and over did my makeup and hair so the focus is not on my bottom half. They are not for me. BUT...but but...if you, dearest Lookbook reader, are feeling brave and wish to channel a French fashion editor, then by all means check out the ones below- some are cheap (for those who think this trend is fleeting) and some are steep- for those who believe that harem pants are a wardrobe staple (after all they have been around since Aladdin).

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Cheap Strapless Yellow Dresses

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Shine!!

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JCrew $795

Intermix $399

Ron Herman $825

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jessica Biel

BOOK THIS LOOK- Eva Longoria

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reader Request!

Hey I need a bit of help. I’m a high school student so I never have money, and I need to be able to quickly throw together an outfit in the morning but still look like a stylist lives in my basement (:

Haha, love the whole “stlylist is living in my basement” concept. Don’t we all wish that could be true. Honestly though, I find that even if I had all the clothes and money in the world, if I don’t not know what I like and what works for me, I would constantly be lost- roaming around in my huge walk in closet while my housekeeper yells “Madame, you must get dressed this very instant, the diplomat does not like to wait for anyone.” Lol

So anyways, here are a few rules that I try (key word here is try) to abide by:

Don’t try it all…
Style is like a double edged sword: if you follow trends and love fashion, chances are you want to try everything. But if you follow trends and love fashion, you should have the wisdom to know not to try everything, ya know? It’s kind of like when uber skinny gray denim came to be. Ohh, did I ever want to rock me a pair. But being on the short side with these thighs that would never be skinny (and may I add that I never want them to be skinny- I work out but I lurve me some good food which I refuse to deprive myself of…but I digress.) I could not wear said jeans, no matter how many times Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes said they were cool. They were just not for me. Whatever, it’s all good.
Basically, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on fashion, go with what works for your body type and what you like.

Another crucial point to dressing hot for less- I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a blank palette (ex- black tank top and skinny jeans) and then working around that with some cool accessories- a fedora for the day, some costume jewelry at night. Accessories are an uber cheap way to liven up any outfit. Accessories are also great when traveling. Bring the basics in terms of clothing and go nuts with the baseball cap for the day, pashmina at night, bangles for lunch…and so on…

Make a piece your own.
Do you ever spot an item of clothing and go “Omg, that is so (insert name of friend who would wear the item)! That friend of yours, lets call her Sarah, has successfully made a look her own. In essences, that’s what style is all about. What I would suggest is to observe what you are normally drawn to when you go shopping- piped blazers, boho skirts (yes, they are back), crazy colored scarves, leather leggings, what have you…Invest in a great one and make it work with what you already own.

In Conclusion...
The thing with stylish people is that they do not necessarily have a wardrobe overflowing with up to the moment items. They make their own trends, they wear what they like and what works for them- and they wear it proudly, with or without a stylist living in their basement.

Here are a few outfits to inspire you. They are pretty generic and of the moment but not too out there. They should fit most body types. You can use these as examples and add on or remove pieces, or just forgo all these outfits and create your own. A word of caution- some of the pieces are expensive but you can always find cheaper versions of them.


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Book This Look- Rihanna

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Monday, December 08, 2008

BOOK THIS LOOK- Ashley Greene

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Cheap vs. Steep- The Snakeskin Gladiator

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Steep- Marc Jacobs
*coupon code for Accessory Bug: holiday20 for additional 20% off any purchase.
The offer ends January 31st!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reader Request!


I love the blog! I love getting ideas and inspiration from what celebrities wear. Unfortunately not everyone (including yours truly) has the typical tall, slender celebrity bod... therefore the looks don't always work out. I am short and curvy - Do you have any suggestions of which celebrities have the same body type or what looks work best for body types like mine?

Thanks a bunch!

You do not understand how much I know where you are coming from. I am also short and curvy. There are many trends that I wish I could wear but cannot because of my body type. Style, in essence is all about being your own person while wearing the gear that works for your shape. I have the short legs and am constantly looking for what looks good on me, what to wear and what to avoid like the plague. Here are a few tips that may be helpful:
1) I know this one is obvious but heels always make your legs seem longer. I would invest in a comfy pair that works with most pieces you already own. You will wear them to death esp. if they are comfortable. I have made the mistake a million times of trying to get a cheap pair to fit like a glove. The result was pain, bandages and an obscene amount of polysporin.
2) Dark colors on the bottom work better then the other way around. They emphasize the top part of your body while hiding some imperfections
3) Don’t look at the number on the garment’s tag. Work with what fits regardless of the size. Sizing varies from one store to the next.
4) Look for pants that are not too tapered at the ankle. With regards to jeans, a slight bootleg would best suit your body type. Granted you can go the skinny jeans route but make sure there is a slight looseness at the ankle. Dark wash is also best with regards to skinny jeans.
5) If you are curvy (with a small waist) then you should work it with the wide belt we are seeing on and off the runways. Plus it will save you big money when it comes to buying clothing and accessories. A few inexpensive belts will update any outfit you own.
6) Well fitted jackets with nice necklines also work for your body type. Make sure the jacket hits at the hip.
7) Sweaters that are flat and don’t add volume. Avoid those thick cables
8) A coat with some shape at the waist as opposed to the ones who fall straight down which will add unnecessary volume.
9) V neck tops and blouses to add attention to your face. If you are fully covered up, it will make your upper body look bigger than it really is.

I included a few pieces below for a bit more guidance. Hope this helps!

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Purple Sandals

Red Pumps

Multicolored Belts

Purple Belt

Gray Belt

Brown Belt

Plaid Jacket

Beige Jacket

Black Trench


Outfit du Jour

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Reader Request!

Ok so it’s my 21st birthday next Friday and I’ve got a big night out planned in new York city with some friends. I’ve got the perfect strapless dress that I want to wear, but it’s going to be cold and I’ll need something else to wear over it. I was thinking a nice, tailored blazer would look really cute... something like Rihanna is wearing here:

I just don't know where I can find something like it. here's the dress, just for reference:
Should I go with the blazer? Or maybe something else? And any ideas for shoes? I love your blog! Let me know what you think!!

Ok first off, happy early b day! I love the look that you are trying to pull together. I would definitely go with the boyfriend blazer as per Rihanna. As for the shoes, I would rock something with a gold accent.
Check out the look below:

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BOOK THIS LOOK- Jessica Szohr

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reader Request! Basics of all Basics...revisited

Hello! I just was looking through your basics of all basics post back in May and was hoping that you could do another for the fall season? Being a California girl, I’ve been living in flip flops and shorts all summer long, but now autumn is coming and, being newly married (and approaching 30!), I want/need some new basic pieces to start off the season as a new stylish wife and woman. I want to feel and look put together. Can you please help? Thanks!!! –Ashley

Hey Ashley

Congrats on the wedding! Yeah I kinda understand where you are coming from and how easy it is to be living in shorts and flip flops... I am all about that easy casual style. With regards to the basics of all basics, if you have the pieces I mentioned in the previous post, then that’s a great start.

Now what you want to do is add to this with some key pieces that are modern, up to date but not too trendy. Seeing as you are a casual girl, let’s get started on the pieces I think you might like for this coming season:

1) Plaid shirt- this piece can be worn casually with jeans or you can even dress it up by rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with some booties

2) Wide leg jeans- they were considered trendy but have been around long enough to be considered a staple. They are a nice update to the skinny and can be paired with fitted tops and heels

3) Oversized clutch- if you select a basic color like black or even red, you can pair this with any outfit to dress it up for a night out. The only thing I would be weary of is the whole going out to a club concept as you will want to have your hands free for drinks and dancing.

4) Long shawl/ cardigan- this piece is perfect in an off white color. It will match with everything you own. One word of caution, I would not wear it with the wide leg jeans lest you want to disappear in your outfit. Better to pair this with some skinnies or a pair of leggings

5) Leggings- yes, they are still around and not really going anywhere. Leggings work with long shirts, sweaters, dresses etc. they are best paired with those comfy high boots which leads me to #6

6) Comfy high boots- preferably over the knee. I would suggest a beige or a black pair as they will match with everything. Oooh, and picture this: over the knee beige boots (small platform or no heel of course, for comfort) with your leggings and the oversized beige shawl…ooooooh…

Ok well I think that’s it for basics of all basics for winter months with a slight update. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I moved to Costa Rica a few days ago and am just getting settled. I actually just got out of Spanish class and am catching up on all my Lookbooking.

Hope this helps with your shopping!

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2) Wide Leg Jeans

3) Oversized Clutch

4) Shawl

5) Leggings

6) Over the Knee Boots

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am back!

I know I know…I have been terrible. I have neglected Lookbook now for about a month and I must admit that it does make me feel empty inside. Quitting my job and moving to Costa Rica for a few months to learn Spanish leaves less time to blog than I thought. In addition to this, I am completely uninspired in this beach town I am staying in. Jaco is a pretty chill place with an abundance of surfers, board shorts and flip flops. However, there are no Givenchy inspired beach looks nor can you find the latest Nine West pump in store windows. Needless to say that inspiration is lacking but I won’t let a little something like that bring me down! Oh no! I have been working long and hard for yalls and am ready to provide you with some “Book This Look” segments as well as some Reader Requests (finally!) answered. What better to way restart Lookbook than with an up and coming star- Kristen Stewart, rocking a few important and fun times fall trends.

BOOK THIS LOOK- Kristen Stewart

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T shirt