Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seriously? No, Seriously? Turbans…oh my!

When Prada models sashayed down the runway with satin turbans, we all wrinkled our noses (well at least I did). Then I thought to myself, whatever, it’s just Prada being Prada. Later on, I was flipping through VogueGlamourHarpers and saw a Ralph Lauren model proudly displaying her black turban with
What’s this? A jewel in the front? (See top right pic). Then slight concern came over me. If Ralph Lauren, Mr. White blouse and Faded Denim himself had this…who would be next? I guess I spoke too soon. Now you will be able to get your own turban (see below) at your local H&M thanks to Madonna…oh yeah, you heard right. Miss Dress you Up in Her Love (In Her Love) wants us to wear turbans starting tomorrow, March 22nd. I am a little too Gap-ish for such a trend. I really wonder if this will take off…if it does, I guess I’ll be the only one going: oh my. So, would you wear a turban?

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Verão said...

Nooo way. I can't wear a turban. the only time I wear one is when I get out of the shower.