Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fantastic Walmart boots for $40! Yeah that's right.

So I had one goal this weekend- find myself some hot fall boots to wear for the next few years. I wanted them pretty, flat, comfy and easily removable- without having to sit for 5 minutes to lace, zip or tie them up. My impatience, by the way, really limits my wardrobe :P. The thing is that I as willing to fork $200 for a pair. I just wanted to leave this weekend with boots. I headed to Aldo and found a few that were ok but it did not feel right. Something told me to wait. I told myself, ok tomorrow, go back and see how you feel. In the meantime, I headed to Walmart for the Maybelline pulsating mascara (more on that later). When at Walmart, I always take the time to browse the clothing section as it occasionally happens that you can unearth a few lovely inexpensive treasures. Well this is where I found my boots- chillin in the shoe section, minding their own business and looking all fly. The boots were $40 and they were proud of it. Seeing as I appreciated their hotness and the price made my knees weak, oh and I am also an eternal pessimist- I thought clearly something must be wrong. They must hurt. When I tried them on, my feet felt like they were being engulfed in a bed of clouds, and not the sparse it may rain clouds. No no. It was more like the Care Bears super fluffy can I take a nap on it pretty please clouds. I tried to play it cool but my enthusiasm was evident. I grabbed a pair and never looked back. I wore them the very same night and confirmed what I already knew deep in my heart- it was meant to be. The very next day I went back as I remembered that I had seen another pair in a different style and color, also at $40. But the love lightning does not strike twice, does it? Yeah in this case it did. I bought my 2nd pair of Walmart boots and the rest is love history.  Who knew some cheap ass cute boots could make me this happy. Sigh.
Oh and the Maybelline pulsating mascara- very very meh.

Check out the boots below!
Picture 19