Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ellen Pompeo wears her baggy clothes...oh la la

pics courtesy of Just Jared

Newest and Latest Obsession...when will this end?

They say that once you know, you just know. There are no doubts, no questions, no if’s and maybe’s and I am not sure’s. It should be this clarity and certainty that is like no other. You are ready to spend the rest of your life with it. I have always questioned this mind set. You never know for sure right? I mean how can you be 100% convinced?

Well, Lookbook readers…it happened to me. I met the One. Browsing through Aldo on a mission for these tan boots that have become some sort of sick obsessions (I reallllyyyy need another hobby) I saw them in the corner of my eye. It whispered my name- I don’t even know how it knew my name. I held it and could feel the soft leather on my skin. We had a moment, this boot and I, a very special intimate moment (regardless of the fact that it was lunch time at Eaton Centre in Montreal and the place looked like a flea market). Then came the ultimate test- would this relationship last? There was one way to find out…The salesperson handed me a pair of size 8’s and what I had always known in my heart was sealed with certainty when my feet slipped into what I think a cloud should feel like. I closed my eyes and walked to the mirror (almost hit someone along the way, could have been dangerous…), looked at my feet and gasped. It was love. I could not deny it. I tried to push away but was unsuccessful. My heart was full, my life was complete * They say when you know, you just know. You know how I knew for sure? After the purchase, before I went to bed, I left them on my bedside so it would be the first thing I saw when I wake up. Seriously, how sad it that?

*Until I get sick of them and look for a new obsession