Thursday, March 22, 2007

Madonna Hits H&M Today

This would not be a Canadian retail fashion blog without the obligatory Madonna hits H&M stores post. Gucci Girl had previously provided you with the lovely ad a few posts ago. Now it is my turn to show you what material the Material Girl has to offer (oh come on now, I am allowed at least 1 Madonna pun here).

Her line is very neutral. She has the blacks, whites, pinks, beiges and let us not forget the accessories. Euh, but $34.90 for sunglasses, not so much...
Regardless, the rest of the line looks quite pretty. The wrap dress in black and white is veeery H&M. And the white shift with metallic pattern is almost a copy of the Hot like fire black and white Chanel dress Cameron has worn. Notice there is also a bodysuit present...could this be? Could 1994 really be back? I hope so as bodysuits were quite practical...they don't bunch.

In any case, enjoy!

For those of you who have the opportunity to hit it up, let me know how it goes. I guess Madonna is definitely here to dress us up in Her Love, (In Her Love). But I do wonder if those darn turbans will be sold out...