Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chunky Watches

I realized that I was teetering on the tomboy- masculine side when I preferred keeping things in my coat pocket as opposed to stuffing them in a pretty purse (which by the way I own like a thousand of).  Therefore it is no surprise that when chunky watches started to mark their territory in women's wear that I would fall head over heels.  I don't like dainty itty bitty watches- as a matter of fact I dont really use watches seeing as I am permanently glued to my blackberry.  But I love the look of the chunky watch- it give off this effortless "Yeah whatever, I tell time" cool vibe.

Picture 11
1) Marc by Marc Jacobs at Asos $256
2) Fossil at Blue Nile $125
3) Adidas at Bloomingdale's $60
4) Top Shop $50
5) G by Guess $95

Book This Look- Miranda Kerr

Picture 10

1) Anne Klein $90
2) Forever 21 $33
3) Arden B $70

The Perfect Leather Jacket a lovely site with an abundance of fashion related information.  I was doing my regular browsing when I came across this great post on leather jackets .  *Sigh*  Leather jackets: we all own at least one and most of us up here in cold as wtf Canada look forward to spring when we can get rid of our down filled coats and rock the look again.  As per these simple yet fashionable ladies below, the leather jacket can be worn an endless amount of ways- dressed up with a draped skirt, laid back with a pair of Converse or accessorized with bright accents.  For those of you lucky enough to live in leather jacket friendly weather year round, these ladies can serve as inspiration while the rest of us wait impatiently for spring to come around.

Picture 9

Reader Request! Casual Boots for Winter

Okay HELP! I need fall/winter shoe ideas... mostly in the casual realm... seriously besides uggs, and sneakers on super casual days, i'm having issues figuring out what to do with my feet! I mean, flats are cold in 30 degree weather, and sneakers aren't the cutest...I dont remember having this issue any years before so I'm not sure whats going on.. but I need help!!

I am going to be honest with you, in a perfect world, I would either wear flip flops or Uggs and I have been in your predicament before.  I love the simplicity, comfort and uncomplicated-ness of easy footwear.  But alas, we live in a world where flip flops at a business meeting or Uggs at a wedding may seem slightly faux pas-ish .  Enter the casual yet appropriate for most social functions footwear.  Never to be outdone by their high heeled overly expensive designer counterparts, these little numbers provide you with comfort and style and a reasonable price. Gosh I sound like an infomercial:P  In any case, the ones provided below are some of my faves- enjoy!

Picture 8