Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Some Over the Knee Hotness

I want a pair of over the knee boots, I am not going to lie.  I own a gazillion pairs of boots already, in various shapes and sizes but you know how it goes- you get one style, walk right out the door and realize you just want one more.  Ugh. Falling victim to consumerism is suuuuch a pain :P   I have tried to suppress my overwhelming desire for the over the knee style, but it just comes back to haunt me, mostly in the middle of the night (i'll wake up in a cold sweat) or as I daydream at work.  It is imperative that I quench this thirst and it will get done this weekend, oh yes it will.  I am currently knee deep (haha get it- knee deep cuz this is a post on over the knee boots and I just made it link to a commonly used expression, thus attempting to increase my level of pun cool-ness) in research mode and I do believe I have found some top contenders.  What's so cool about the over the knee style is that it amps up your sensuality all while keeping that urban cool vibe we are all trying to effortlessly convey.  You can wear the boots with jeans, a hoodie and a bf blazer or pair it with a skirt (oh la la all right) and and off the shoulder top.  Its all very exciting times.  Enjoy!

Picture 25

Some Sienna Style

Picture 24

Oxford Shoes- Steve Madden $80
Shoulder Bag- Forever 21 $35
Leather Jacket- Urban Outfitters $128