Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So here we have our lovely fashion icon: Ms. Cameron Diaz. Notice that she wears the same pair of shoes on more than one occasion (gasp!) even if she is handed new designers duds on a daily basis. Cameron is practical and knows that being stylish has a lot to do with keeping a simple style (not trying too hard) and matching said outfit with outstanding accessories.

In this Special Edition of Book This Look, not 1 but 2 outfits are presented.

The star of them both: a fahhhbulous pair of leopard print peep toe pumps (very May 2007). Match that with the other articles mentioned (chances are you own them all in some version already-but I still provided pics and locations of where they can be found cuz I am cool like that) and voila! Outfits deemed appropriate to diva it out with the best of them.

Not to sound too much like a tacky 90's chick flick but: "You go girl!"

For Night:

And Day:

If only the outfits came along with a Justin look alike. *sigh*