Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bike Shorts...oh la la

A few years back, fashion brought us the leggings which most mainstream folk (myself included) said nuh uh. That mindset was quickly replaced with “leggings are the must have accessory for the average girl”. Last year AA introduced its shiny leggings to whish we said “hellz no”. Now, said shiny leggings can be seen on the likes of Kate Moss and Hilary Duff. I may even start to covet a pair- me! So now while browsing the AA site and I fall upon the cycle shorts in a vast array of fluorescent colors, its only fitting that I roll my eyes and snort “dream on”. If history tends to repeat itself, then there is a good chance that in about 6 months, ill be trying to discern if my hot pink nail polish matches with the lime green bike shorts I am sporting for a night out on the town with my other modern turned 1984 girlfriends.
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