Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reader Request!

Hi,I'm a huge fan, love reading your blog!!!For me the hardest thing to dress for is house never know how fancy they are going to be...sometimes I show up in a dress and it turns out to be a laid back keg party, other times I'm in jeans and kicking myself that I'm not wearing a fab new dress. And of course the worst part is if it is a shoes off house--you need to plan an outfit that still looks good with bare feet. Any ideas? I have a couple coming up in November.Thanks & luv ya!


Hi Laura

I completely understand where you are coming from-argh. Finding the balance between too dressy and too comfy can be arduous. That’s why you need a middle ground. Oh and the shoe issue, I soooo know how you feel. You are all proud of some insane outfit you are rocking and then you get to a house where the hostess goes: "off with the shoes!" You are left barefoot at a party and what you are wearing seems to no longer make any sense. Lol. Ahhh the perils of fashion! In any case, I would suggest neither the dress nor the jeans as you could be over or under dressed (not sure which one is actually worse). If you must remove the shoes, then we need to find you an outfit that really speaks for itself, with or without something on your feet.

Here goes…