Sunday, June 24, 2007

For the Valentino Lovers...

We all love bags right? And we all love discounts too right? Well then this is our lucky day. I was introduced to Accessory Bug (an online store that specializes in evening purses and fashionable handbags). They have some cute styles and a cute price to match.
But what caught my eye was the word Valentino. I love the designer and everything he stands for (one day, I will be able to afford one of his fahhhbulous dresses).

But I digress...

Here is the great part: They carry a new line of handbags by Valentino called "Seredipity". Similar to "Marc" by Marc Jacobs, these are the faux leather lower end line of Valentino....but Valentino nevertheless.

Oh and the cherry on top? Get 10% off with Coupon Code MSJ10.
Yes, your welcome :)

Check out for more info.