Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Piped Blazer!

I am loving the piped blazer. Ever since Balenciaga re-introduced us school boy prep meets ethnic luxe, I have been all over the look and those fabulous piped blazers. I am currently in a battle within myself. Ill be moving to Costa Rica for a few months to learn Spanish. This move takes place in early November. Therefore, there is no point in me buying said blazer seeing as a) ill be jobless for a few months so I cannot spend $ and b) last I checked, there is no need for a blazer in a lazy Costa Rican beach town lest I try to channel the most out of place fashion diva everrrr. People may stare… what with their flip flops, denim shorts and tanks… I don’t even think they accessorize much- they are too busy surfing, admiring the rainforest and eating fresh fish... In any case, I have resorted to getting my fix of the piped blazer online. Various shapes, colors, and prices- oh my!

Where to Shop

1- Arden B $128

2-Bloomingdale's $190

3- The Gap $98

4- Forever 21 $34