Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Denim shorts can be cool in winter- oooh

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pic courtesy of Elle Street Chic

Some Acid Wash Leggings Inspiration

Ok here me out- never a fan am I of items that are on the cusp of being uber trendy because normally the piece is not regular woman body friendly.  Normally it emerges as a style adorned mostly by the tall n skinny models. This in fact does apply to the acid wash leggings- much less flattering than its black counterpart (the light color definitely emphasizes the thighs- yikes!) it will remain at bay with the general population for at least another few months.  However, seeing as it's 1985 again, these will become a staple in many a wardrobe come spring/ summer. This model featured here makes this trend much more bearable in a kind of bark bigger than bite kind of way. It is not so bad you know, and she rocks those leggings to utter perfection- the long slim fitting jacket, booties and clutch- seriously right frikin on!
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1) American Apparel $32
2) C&California at Bloomingdale's $128
3) Joe's at Dillard's $98

Book This Look- Liv Tyler

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1) Dress- American Eagle $30
2) Blazer- Forever 21 $30
3) Maryjanes- Endless $45
4) Handbag- Lori's Shoes $86

Noteworthy site: Lifetime's All the Looks

Hey- so I am back after a short hiatus and I have missed Lookbooking oh so terribly!
Ok so first and foremost, I wanted to highlight Lifetime's All the Looks website .  It is jam packed with celebrity images, designer features and prizes to be won.  You can create your own Lookbook and comment on the looks you love and the ones you love to hate.
And um...ahem ahem... may I add that I was also picked last month as one of their "Bloggers We Love" Woot!  Check out my thought provoking Q&A here .  :-D
The site is definitely worth a visit- if you are feeling celebrity fashion,  makeup looks, designer portfolios and trend reporting.