Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Acid Wash Leggings Inspiration

Ok here me out- never a fan am I of items that are on the cusp of being uber trendy because normally the piece is not regular woman body friendly.  Normally it emerges as a style adorned mostly by the tall n skinny models. This in fact does apply to the acid wash leggings- much less flattering than its black counterpart (the light color definitely emphasizes the thighs- yikes!) it will remain at bay with the general population for at least another few months.  However, seeing as it's 1985 again, these will become a staple in many a wardrobe come spring/ summer. This model featured here makes this trend much more bearable in a kind of bark bigger than bite kind of way. It is not so bad you know, and she rocks those leggings to utter perfection- the long slim fitting jacket, booties and clutch- seriously right frikin on!
Picture 23
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1) American Apparel $32
2) C&California at Bloomingdale's $128
3) Joe's at Dillard's $98

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Beautiful, Dirty Rich said...

i have some that are jean like these are cool too;)