Monday, May 31, 2010

20% off Alainnbella

Hey ladies

Check out this new online budget friendly boutique- with affordable pieces that vary from rompers to desses- it is def. worth a visit. Use checkout code "lookbook" for 20% off. Enjoy!

Denim Jackets under $50

Picture 1

1) Roxy $25
2) Macy's $48
3) Old Navy $30
4) Forever 21 $27

Ahh the denim jacket- not only is it the perfect summer coat for your casual going out for coffee on a wednesday afternoon in may outfits, but it seems that the fashion world has now deemed it evening wear appropriate.  You can pair your glitzy sequin top and chi chi skirt or satin dress with this item and not a fashionista will bat an eye- pretty cool if you ask me seeing as I am all abut versatility, comfort and trying to give off the vibe that I never try to hard (when really I do :P).  Enjoy!