Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Plaid and Simple

What was once reserved for campers, schoolgirl skirts and the Scots can now be fount in most retailers across Canada and the US. Plaid is in. Runways shows such as Chanel, Anne Klein, Jean Paul Gaulthier and Vivienne Westwood were preparing us for plaid things to come in Fall 07.

Jean Paul Gaulthier

Viktor & Rolf


Anne Klein

Vivienne Westwood

Celebs are also rocking the look:

Plaid can now be found on blouses: obvious.

Pants: kinda saw that coming.

Shoes: hum...seriously?

How you choose to wear it is pretty much up to you.

Should you wish to go all Alexander McQueen on us; may I suggest you mix you plaid patterns: pink plaid top, green plaid pants, grey plaid shoes...catch my drift?

Should you wish to be a wee bit more subtle but still keep up with the mix and match oh look at me and my effortless way I mix stripes and plaid and still look good…may I suggest a printed scarf and plaid shorts.

Now…if you are like me and play it safe (i.e.: wild side for me is where I am wearing a color other than black, white grey or red…oh lala) then buy yourself a pair of plaid ballet flats. A bit boring but whatever…wear bold lipstick if you want to stand out just a bit…

Nicole rocks the subtle plaid with a nice cap below:

Get Your Plaid At:

Ballet Flats- Old Navy $19.50

Pumps- Le Chateau $25.00

Jumper- D.E.P.T $145.00

Blouse- Reitmans $40.00

Short Plaid Skirt- Lady Dutch $60.00