Monday, July 30, 2007

Seriously Fall Knits?...Seriously...?

Suffice to say that I can go on and on about how great Fall07 fashion shows were. The textures (fringes, feathers, name it), the colors (red, fuschia, grey and more grey) and oh the menswear inspried suits and Balenciaga....but jeez...this...this, way.

Never will I be able to wrap my head (or neck around this trend):

Do you think Giles Deacon is aware that these models weigh, oh I don't know, 7olbs soaking wet? Can you imagine what they must be going through? I can see their knees wobbling with the weight of all that expensive/ trendy knit around their necks. I hope they have insurance as diet cokes, cigarettes and romaine lettuce do NOT give you the strength to walk around in those numbers...
And are those hair extensions wrapped around their ankles???

But let's move on...oh yes...there's more...

I guess you can multi task with this snug little garment. May I suggest you replace your duvet with this sweater. Not only will you be hip, trendy and surprisingly strong (you need muscle to carry around all that fabric) but you will also have slightly redecorated with a new bedspread! Oh and I got one more: this sweater is prefect at times when you are stuck at an impromptu camping party with no sleeping bag...don't we hate it when that happens?
I have said it before, I'll say it again: these designers are quite the savvy bunch.

Speaking of multitasking...why not purchase this little number by Emilio Pucci. When your floors need cleaning, simply remove the garment from your body, dip in cleanser and mop! For an extra challenge (don't we all love challenges) keep the sweater on, dip in cleanser and mop like it was the most normal thing to do.

Last but certainly not least:

Image A: by Malo

Image B: The Komondor

The Komondor is so 2 years ago...Was it not informed that grey is the new off white? Does it not care that it's fur is so outdated?

Fashion has once again pushed its limits and I must admit that I am amused...I hope you are as well :)