Sunday, July 08, 2007

Keeping It Simple

How many times have we looked at out closets and, with overwhelming exasperation, groaned at the fact that we had zero to wear. Zilch. Na.Da. I am amazed at my ability to simultaneously go broke (by spending all my money shopping) and yet still have an uninspiring closet. I just don’t get it.

When I reach that point of complete hopelessness, I try to take a step back (literally out of my closet and figuratively out of my irrational thoughts) and keep it simple. A plain white top, denim jeans and a punch of color in your accessory is the easiest way to be chic. The problem is that it is such an obvious combination that we ignore it, thus complicating our lives and resulting in and obscene amount of unnecessary stress ;)
These actresses below have seen the light and realize the importance of keeping it simple. The red purse or the yellow shoe is the center point of the outfit. So remember, next time you stare blankly at your closet, grab the white shirt, the jeans and a splashy accessory and you are good to go. Ah, if only everthing in life with this simple!