Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tory Burch Flats

If you have not heard of Tory Burch, well now you should. She is this pretty neat designer that has the fahhbulous & simple pieces with special touches. She has managed to combine sophistication at an affordable price (if affordable is $300 for a dress by the way).

In any case, I covet her tops and her flats, I covet them deeply. Tory has managed to merchandise herself with much success and her logo is becoming more and more recognizable (see below).
Along my merry strolls in any McMall, Canada, I have come across replicas of her flats.

They have sprouted at Transit for $49.99 (see below) and Payless for $34.99. Do you have any idea what this means in shop talk?

Tory flats cost $195.00. If you buy the Transit ones, this leaves you ($195.00-$49.99)= $145.01 of extra shopping money!

So in the end, fashion theory being what it is, you just made $145.01, which you obviously have to spend as it was not planned on being saved right?

With all this financial logic flowing through my veins, I should have stuck to banking ;)

Oh and by the way, I have provided some eye candy for your perusal (ie: Tory Burch pieces) so you can feel as strongly as I do about her designs.

Simply stunning...