Friday, February 23, 2007

Victoria Beckham

Ok. So everything looks amazing on this woman. But what a sexy way to spin off the basic shirt and pant that EVERY woman has in her closet.
  • Shirt & pants - already in your closet!

  • Belt: from store "RK" (Square One - Mississauga) $168. There is another version in the same store that looks like a skirt (also for $168) for more casual wear.


Ok so Chanel has this bag. It retails for approximately $849.00 on Ebay. For this brand, you would think it to be a reasonable price for maybe a small chained purse right? Or maybe a version of what Penelope Cruz has been seen carrying out and about town. Not so much. It’s this plastic bag that looks like the one you were given by your mom when, at age 6, you decided you too wanted a purse, lipstick and shoulder pads…we all had one of those. But Chanel deems it appropriate to make one, and sell one for $849.00. But then again…this is Chanel. If they could sell designer air, they would…or have they done that already? The bag is part of their Naked Collection and it goes with this Lucite trend that seems to be everywhere in magazines now, but has yet to hit the retail market. So the big question is: what on earth is this Lucite anyways? Lucite in big grown up words is a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin ( Basically its plastic.
In a time when big jewelry is in, and I cannot stress how a simple necklace can punch up any old outfit...then I guess somehow Lucite fits the bill. It is being used for bags, shoes and jewelry of sorts. But to be really and truly honest, I have yet to see it on me and am not too sure I am there yet. I mean, I am no genius and I suppose I have an average IQ but help me out on this one: isn’t the point of wearing big jewelry, or jewelry at all for that matter to see it? Some, no most, fashion insiders will tell me: “Silly girl, this lucite fits perfectly with the futureama trend that many Spring 07 designers showed (Givenchy and Stella McCartney). Granted, it does go with all the metallic we are seeing. But still…In any case, do with it what you want. If you see it in a store, grab it, try it on but there is a good chance you wont see yourself wearing it…no literally, you wont see yourself wearing it…it’s clear. And so is my opinion on this rather transparent trend. Ok, I think I have proven my point with enough puns. We can all see through what I am really trying to say.