Friday, March 12, 2010

Style Crush: Amber Rose

I am not even going to lie- I have a huge style crush on Amber Rose.  There are not many women that really make me go whoa and she is one of the very few.  I love that she rocks and uber short hair cut (I am so envious I could scream!).  She has an amazing body (not skinny but incredibly fit).  She makes interesting, provocative and insane fashion choices and really seems to not care one iota about what people think, trends or anything mainstream.  Her versatility is impressive- she can wear the hell out of workout gear in one shot and look absolutely stunning in an orange frock and sky high heels in the next.  She has a few fashion misses under her belt but my admiration for her is unshakable and I just wanted to highlight the coolness that is Amber here below- enjoy!

Picture 6
Pics courtesy of Just Jared!