Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reader Request! What to Wear with the Little Black Dress (LBD)

Hello, can you help me? I am going to semi-formal academic function/dinner/wine reception, and as a college student, I live in jeans, sweaters, t-shirt, layers. I consider my look pretty down to earth with a bit of trend. I know how to dress up jeans, but I have no idea how to dress up without wearing jeans. I am kind of curvy, and young, and so I want to wear something trendy, youthful, but mature at the same time without looking frumpy or "too sexy." Can you help by suggesting a few pieces that can layer and go together well? Thank you!
For situations such as a semi-formal function, I would suggest the classic LBD (little black dress) and work around that with accessories.
You can pretty much do anything with the LBD
1) layer a blazer over it with the sleevs rolled up slightly for that cool vibe
2) wear it with pearls for a more sophisticated look
3) layer some cool necklaces
4) wear it with a scarf
5) you can add some textured hosiery
6) pair it with some statement shoes

Anyways, that would be my first suggestion.

If the LBD is not your thing, how about some wide leg dark denim jeans/ trousers. It is like you are wearing jeans but the shape and the color helps you get away with wearing it to something semi formal. These jeans work wonders for a curvy girl (like you and me). I would suggest always wearing it with heels and really working the top part of your outfit.
This is the time to bring out your costume jewelry if you have any and pairing it with a fitted with shirt (collar up for that extra oomph). If the button down shirt aint your thang, why not a tube top fitted corset (in a nice jewel tone...oooh) or a graphic print top. Keep the shoes high and simple.
Anyways, below I provided some LBD suggestion. Hope this helps!

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