Thursday, June 28, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Kelly Rowland

Stripes are still as popular now as ever...Will this trend die any time soon? I don't think so. Notice how sharp Kelly looks (without the excess baggage of Destiny's Child or being overdone). The red shoes add a bit of color and the necklaces make the stripes and denim less boring.

Uh Huh that's right.


Book This Look At:

Jeans RW Co. $65.00

Top (short sleeve) Joe Fresh Style $14.00

Necklaces Le Chateau $19.95

Pumps Aldo $59.95

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yellow Invades Fashion!

We have been bombarded with yellow since the beginning of spring. Yellow dresses, yellow tops and even yellow shorts. ..

But now…yellow conquers all from earrings to bags to shoes. Oh la la, the shoes!

On a side note, is it me or is every celebrity out there wearing yellow shoes?
Apparently you are not big time Hollywood unless you are rocking some yellow pumps.

However, yellow is such a cheery, happy go lucky color that you may as well indulge in the trend.
If you are feeling cheap and trendy, get some bangles for $5.00.

If you are feeling trigger happy with your credit card then get yellow peep toes at Aldo for $49.95.

If you have fallen on your head and are completely unaware that you suffering from a concussion, spend $1,275 on a yellow purse you may wear 5 times.


Yellow looks great with a plain white t-shirt and jeans (as per below- just don't wear all accessories at once or risk looking like a carton of lemonade). By the way, if you are like me and are on the constant hunt for a plain white tank, Joe Fresh Style has great ones at $6.00 (and no, it is not a typo).
Match the yellow with beige for a sharp summer work look.

A Word of Caution:
Unless you love bees, work for or represent them in some way, please, oh please avoid the all black look with thick yellow belt cinched at the waist. Big no no in my book.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jennifer Lopez

I am aware that I did not give an option of a puff sleeve blouse as per Jennifer's outfit but I felt the short sleeve one was more fitting. I visited Club Monaco who is currently promoting all of their white blouses and I must say that I was impressed with this one.

The white on white on gold looks very "socialite lunches with her aunts at the Ritz" don't you think? There is a richness to this look that you can obtain even without having to spend a Hilton's allowance. In any case, it's sharp, it's fresh and don't those butterflies look so darn cute!?

Book This Look At:
Blouse Club Monaco $99.99
Shorts Club Monaco $79.99
Shoes Aldo "Baranoa" $109.99
Bangles Le Chateau $19.95

Monday, June 25, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Gretchen Moll

Border prints are a big trend this season. Seen on dresses and skirts, they are quite refreshing. Pair the dress with an accessory that matches the print for a put together look ( as per Ms. Gretchen Moll) and voila! Mediterranean chic meets modern day swank!
Book This Look At:
Dress Jacob $115.00
Shoes Browns $69.98

Sunday, June 24, 2007

For the Valentino Lovers...

We all love bags right? And we all love discounts too right? Well then this is our lucky day. I was introduced to Accessory Bug (an online store that specializes in evening purses and fashionable handbags). They have some cute styles and a cute price to match.
But what caught my eye was the word Valentino. I love the designer and everything he stands for (one day, I will be able to afford one of his fahhhbulous dresses).

But I digress...

Here is the great part: They carry a new line of handbags by Valentino called "Seredipity". Similar to "Marc" by Marc Jacobs, these are the faux leather lower end line of Valentino....but Valentino nevertheless.

Oh and the cherry on top? Get 10% off with Coupon Code MSJ10.
Yes, your welcome :)

Check out for more info.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Victoria Beckham does denim (dvb style)

Victoria Beckham (aka size 00, aka Posh Spice, aka “those cannot be real”) debuted her denim line dvb at Saks Fifth Avenue last week. Already, Rock & Republic has terminated the partnership with the ex Spice Girl claiming she was “horrible to work with — indecisive and inconsistent and generally not present at all. She attached her name to it but didn’t want to do any of the work – unless she was promoting the line in front of the cameras, of course.”

It gets worse…The Sun reports that Robert de Keyser, founder of Dekeyser Fashion (the company that sold her jeans in the UK) claims her designs are "tacky" and "made out of a cheap fabric". Tough times considering each pair will cost you $250-$300. Mr. de Keyser had also mentioned that "The new Beckham range appears to be seriously overpriced for a line made out of a cheap fabric." Oh la la.

In the end it’s still going to sell simply because of the publicity. Had everything gone smoothing with Rock & Republic, I would not have even mentioned this story. But now, people are a talkin'!

I went to the dvb website and the denim line is not yet available. However, she does have a bag and sunglasses line with the Japanese brand Samantha Thavasa.

Seriously, I don't think she should quit her day job yet, whatever it may be...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jessica and Sarah in Giambattista Valli

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel are rocking Giambattista Valli. I don't think one wore it better than the other. On the one hand, you have the fashion icon, on the other you have Justin's sleepover buddy. Enough said.

So I guess this pic from Celebrity Nation makes them official...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba again...The outfit is very much ok but I do feel that it is the watch that makes a statement. I am also excited to suggest the Guido and Mary jeans for the Book this Look as they are from Montreal! Yeah, us Montrealers be cool like dat ;)
Book This Look At:
Top- Urban Behavior $19.80
Watch- Aldo "Ivington" $35.00
Jeans- Guido and Mary "Woodstock" $145.00

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Fanny Pack

If 1993 taught us anything, it was the value of a fanny pack. Seen on everyone from 4 year old girls to middle aged men accompanying their family to Disney world, the fanny pack had broken down barriers between race, age, and social status. Then there was a backlash. I believe this occurred around the same time everyone decided to hate NKOTB. The fanny packs were shunned from society, pushed far back in storage or sold in the “sale” aisle of the dollar store.

Then Gucci graced us with their version of the fanny pack (we saw Sarah Jessica Parker wear it on a SATC episode and the crowd went wild). Coach also made their version, as did a few higher end Canadian retailers such as Rudsack and Roots. Finally, Aldo has decided this season to grace us with their version of the fanny pack.

I stopped in my tracks when I spotted it as I was window shopping. I had fallen in love (see below). I was ready to spend a whopping $59.99 on the fanny pack and being a bargain shopper that says a lot. Can you imagine my disbelief when the tag said $24.99?

The fanny pack is incredibly practical for those who love to collect purses but hate to wear them. I am aware that I am a walking contradiction.

Wear it with jeans and a tank for an effortless “oh this old thing?” look. Beware of matching it with the shapeless dresses and risk looking too frumpy.

Get your fanny pack at:
Aldo for $24.99
Roots for $88.00
Coach starting at $158.00

*There are other fanny packs out there but these are the most noteworthy ones in my book.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Eye Candy: The Resort Line

Besides the Ready to Wear and Haute Couture lines that designers have, some also partake in the resort line (aka cruise collection). This line is in stores longer than any other line (generally from November to May) and targets those jet setters that travel to the sun destination when the weather gets cold. It is usually my favorite because of the colors, shapes and tends to be more "commercial". Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischka and Gucci are among the few that have this collection. Below are some of what I feel are the prettiest little outfits from both the 2007 and 2008 resort lines.

I love the hat below....not sure I could pull it off...
These dresses are stunning...the prints are colors are beautiful.

I love the Oscar skirt... even with a simple white t-shirt it would look amazing!

Without a doubt, the center dress is where it's at, enough said.

Friday, June 15, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jessica Alba

It's Jessica Alba for goodness sake! She could be wearing a paper bag dress and she would look great...oh wait, she is wearing a paper bag dress...with pockets might I add!
Book This Look at:
Dress- Costa Blanca-$22.50
*note: the dress at Costa Blanca will hit about 2 inches above the knee but its got those darn pockets we are all currently coveting...well at least I am.
Sandals- Zara- $35.90
Pendant- Urban Behavior- 2 for $10.00
* note: They have some very cute pendants available now. The 2 for 1 deal is great as you can layer on a shorter pendant with a longer one. Fantastic!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Sarah Jessica Parker

Pretty brights punch what could be a "there is no way you are Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie from SATC" blah outfit. I like the fact that she did not match her shoes with her bag. That would be trying too hard especially when you have such a specific color such as patent bright yellow and fushia. The color combination, in my opinion, is a perfect balance. Enjoy!

Book This Look At:
Cropped Denim Capris- The Gap- $58.00
Sunglasses- H&M- $12.90
Grey T-Shirt- Smart Set- $12.00
Yellow Pumps- Aldo "Ursa"- $80.00
Purse- Transit "Lindenwold" $29.99

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Gwyneth Paltrow

As if I have had the Book This Look segment going for what now...4 months and not one posting of Gwyneth. I should be ashamed. Not to overuse this phrase, but I do consider her a style icon... very American Classic as you can see here with her simple bubble skirt and flats. Enjoy!
Book This Look At:
Sweater- American Apparel $33.00
Skirt- Jacob $39.99 (on sale)
Flats- Browns Micheal Kors $119.98
Ok, I know I know, the skirt on Gwyneth is black and the one shown here is grey. Trust me, it looks nicer in person. In any case, for those of you dead set on a black bubble skirt, an alternative option is the one at Bedo for $49.90.

Monday, June 11, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Drew Barrymore

The short sleeve hoodie tones down what could be a borderline too simple or stuffy outfit. It completes the look perfectly. I am starting to believe that it may be a summer essential, espcially in Montreal where you wake up, its 10 degrees and when you go home from work its 28 degrees: gotta love it! I guess we have all mastered the art of layering!
Book This Look At:
Printed Skirt- Smart Set $45.00
Tank Top- H&M $9.90
Hoodie- Smart Set $30.00
Flip Flops- Old Navy $5.50
Purse- Transit $29.99

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Bangle Theory

For those of you that read what I post (as opposed to just looking at the pretty pictures), you know that I am a huge accessories buff. I am a firm believer that a stylish woman can have a minimal closet of 1 pair of black pants, 1 white shirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 black turtleneck, and an abundance of accessories (as per below).
Now whether I abide by my own rules or not, that’s a whole other posting (or blog for that matter).

I am digressing again aren't I?

So bangles. Besides showing us how to “Walk Like an Egyptian”, they can also be referred to as bracelets. You know, the big chunky kind. Bangles are a key trend to keep in mind this season when you show your bare arms. They can update any outfit….and I mean any.
You are coming from the gym and forgot you had a date with Mr. McHunk Hot…add a gold bangle to your sporty attire and I promise he won’t notice your frizzy “I just battled with the treadmill and came out a winner” hair or your damp “who knew I had so many pores” armpits. You simultaneously have the most important meeting of your career and the worst hair day ever, two words for you: ban-gle.
Clearly my examples are extreme, but you see my point. Bangles are a favorite of mine because they are simply,easy, inexpensive and stylish, which reflects my take on fashion as well. Should you feel the dire need to be stylish (or you just want to spend some extra money), get your bangles at:
Le Chateau starting at $12.95
H&M starting at $5.90
Dynamite starting at $8.00
Costa Blanca starting at $12.50
La Maison Simons starting at $5.99
PS: Most Candian Retailers have bangles within their accessories section. I just have not listed all of them...just a few of my favorites.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Little Red Dress

The little black dress can take a step back. This very minute, it is about the little red dress. Both Mandy Moore and Jessica Alba rocked the look at the MTV Movie Awards. Bold, fiery and classy, it's a smart update to Audrey's classic.

Book Mandy's Look At:

Dress Club Monaco $109.00

Shoes Browns $148.00

Book Jessica's Look At:

Dress Club Monaco $109.00

Shoes Transit $49.99

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jennifer Aniston

Top Zara $35.00
Pants Bedo $60.00
Bag Aldo $79.99
Bangles Le Chateau $19.95

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm Not a Plastic Bag by Anya Hindmarch

You want to own the summer's "It" bag? You want to be just like Kiera Knitghtly and other fellow celebs? There will be no need to get a 2nd job in order to fork over $1,000 for 15 minutes of fame. Anya Hindmarch has created a cotton based tote in order to promote environmental awareness. For about $18.00, you too can own the "Very Summer 2007" bag. The bag has started a craze. People stood in line at Sainsbury's in the UK to obtain the coveted piece. Fred Segal in the States and Holt Renfrew in Canada will be selling the bag starting June 20th but due to an overwhelming demand, purchases will be limited (in other words, you gotta stand in line for a looooong time before you get your hands on a cheap canvas tote). Visit the Anya Hindmarch website for more info.
Honestly, I do not see the point unless you wish to play the role of fashion victim. If you have a dire need to promote environmental awareness, recyle or take the bus or something. And if you are dead set on displaying your green-ness through a bag, get the PC one at Loblaw's for about $1.00. It's in black (matches with everything) and is surprisignly roomy.