Friday, June 15, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Jessica Alba

It's Jessica Alba for goodness sake! She could be wearing a paper bag dress and she would look great...oh wait, she is wearing a paper bag dress...with pockets might I add!
Book This Look at:
Dress- Costa Blanca-$22.50
*note: the dress at Costa Blanca will hit about 2 inches above the knee but its got those darn pockets we are all currently coveting...well at least I am.
Sandals- Zara- $35.90
Pendant- Urban Behavior- 2 for $10.00
* note: They have some very cute pendants available now. The 2 for 1 deal is great as you can layer on a shorter pendant with a longer one. Fantastic!


BeautyGirl23 said...

Jessica Alba always looks nice. She has a classic yet youthful style.

Laura said...

I really like this pocket dress look, I just got a colourful print one. They're so much fun!