Monday, December 03, 2007

Hip Androgyny!

Girls are apparently made of sugar and spice and eveything nice...that's what little girls are made of...rumor has it. But there are times where I just want to chill. I don't want to be wearing a strapless bra (I hate those so much!) or heels that have constricted my feet to a size 6 (I am a 8). Diane Keaton's style in Annie Hall was revered and copied for many years thereafter, and with reason. The casual put together-ness of her outfit makes me want to own a closet full of ties and way too baggy for my bum khakis. But in the mean time, I'll just rock my Chuck Taylors.

Where To Shop:

1) Tie $15.00

2) Skinny Jeans $35.00 Forever 21

3) Blouse $33.00 The Gap

4) Cardigan $25.00 Old Navy

5) Chuck Taylors $43.00 Converse


Pic Courtesy of Just Jared
Where to Shop:
1) The Gap $70
3) Guess $25.00
4) La Redoute $40.00
5) Style Violet $24.00

Your "That's it! I am eloping!" Dress

Dress $25.00 Spiegel

*Click on Image to enlarge

Hot and Soft Dress!

**This dress is micromodal. This is the same fabric that they use for pajamas and you touch them and go "oooooh, this is soo soft, why don't they make this in a dress? If they did I would live in it!" That's micromodal.