Monday, December 03, 2007

Hip Androgyny!

Girls are apparently made of sugar and spice and eveything nice...that's what little girls are made of...rumor has it. But there are times where I just want to chill. I don't want to be wearing a strapless bra (I hate those so much!) or heels that have constricted my feet to a size 6 (I am a 8). Diane Keaton's style in Annie Hall was revered and copied for many years thereafter, and with reason. The casual put together-ness of her outfit makes me want to own a closet full of ties and way too baggy for my bum khakis. But in the mean time, I'll just rock my Chuck Taylors.

Where To Shop:

1) Tie $15.00

2) Skinny Jeans $35.00 Forever 21

3) Blouse $33.00 The Gap

4) Cardigan $25.00 Old Navy

5) Chuck Taylors $43.00 Converse

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