Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Upcoming Shoping Trip!!!

I have been in shopping detox for about 3 weeks now. Every day, it gets easier and harder all at once. I feel the need to reward myself for such determination and perseverance. I am giving myself, as a gift to me, a shopping trip to the States. With the US$ at a low and CDN $ acting like hot stuff, now could not be a better time to score some reasonably priced Nine West shoes, a hot J Crew wool coat and some inexpensive Forever21 accessories. I know this trip seems a tad counterproductive in my ultimate goal to fight overconsumption in a society filled with never ending wants and needs and a constant unsatisfaction what what one already owns, but whaddaya gunna do?

In light of my preparation for for my trip, here are a few goodies I intend on scoring:

The Skirt (as per this example from Top Shop)
I want it a few inches above my knee but it has to be flowy and extra points if its got some pockets!!
The Dress (es)
There will be a plethora of them...oh yes there will. Dresses (sweater, summer, long sleeve, short sleevs what have you) are perfect to layer over and under everything you own. I will winterize this for you in a later post by the way. Here is an example of one I am coveting but the list runs so long that I am slightly embarrassed...not really :P

The Ankle Boot

Ok ok...I have to admit that this one took about a year to grow on me and to be honest, until a month ago, I was still not feeling them. But now, they constantly race through my mind. The outfit opportunities are endless esp. with the dresses mentioned above *swoon* I can go either low (Payless at $20 or high $240 at Stone ridge in Montreal- I think I am in love...)

And there you have it! I know there are a few other pieces I should get...I was thinking maybe some kinda skinny but not really jeans, t-strap pump and a full top so I can use my wide black belt for that effortless "I am photographed by the Satorialist" look...what do you think? Suggestions?