Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Once again, I <3 J. Crew

It’s interesting when chemistry and mutual understanding unite. I have a soft spot for accessories, always have, always will. My shopping trips (minus these last 38 days but who’s counting) tend to revolve around yet another basic white tank top and a new scarf, necklace or bracelet- imagine if I had my ears pierced, I would need to mortgage the condo I don’t own.

I have always had a deep and profound love for J Crew. I proclaimed my love a few months ago when they showed me their cocktail rings.

Can you imagine my frantic excitement today, while browsing Fabsugar, I came across their posting on J. Crew’s new Only Accessories catalogue? I almost passed out from love. Granted the pieces are not in the same price range as your Forever 21 pendants and bangles but where else can you get a stunning turquoise and gold necklace that will outshine anyone and anything?

The United States are in uncertain times. When former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan says “the current financial crisis in the U.S. is likely to be judged in retrospect as the most wrenching since the end of the Second World War," people should panic. J. Crew seems to be going against the current. WWD reported on March 11th that their opening earnings and sales were up sharply in final three months of year. They must be doing something right. If anything, they are doing something right in my heart.

With my shop tox coming to an end, I have had the time and opportunity to really focus on what I want to wear this spring/summer without the unnecessary clutter of pieces I do not need. I do believe that my wardrobe will revolve around their accessories line. And to answer all the skeptics out there, no this is not a sponsored posting. It’s true love.

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All images courtesy of J. Crew