Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shorts: not such a short lifespan after all…

We, no many of us, doubted the look of city shorts and bermudas 2 summers ago. It did not make sense: why wear shorts when you can just wear a skirt? Shorts were for the casual golfer, the summer camp counselor or the guy who operated the roller coaster in the summer.

Then things shifted slightly.

We began wearing them last summer and started to appreciate them. That appreciation grew into like, which then blossomed into love. We then wondered, with growing concern and impending doom, if they would be way too out for Spring/Summer 2007. (By golly, we had a closet full of them, we would have to give them all away?!)

Alas! We can all breath a sigh of relief: shorts are still here and they are not going anywhere (well at least this year).

The looks and styles are many. The Bermuda is the most basic, ideally hitting at the knee. (I know this is a bit difficult to obtain. I feel, as a regular shopper, that the shorts out there are always too long for my short frame. Good one to try is H&M’s black Bermudas with turn up cuff at $34.90.)

Shorts have completely revamped their style. They have marketed and packaged themselves in a way that they are now appropriate for both the home AND the office. Shorts are comfortable but can also be classy in casual way. Fantastic. Shorts basically have it all. They have become the hot boyfriend who cries at movies, loves to cook and sings you songs, but is also a Spartan with a six pack. This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful (and hopefully not short) relationship.

Get your Shorts at:

Joe Fresh Style: Dressy Bermuda from $19.00

Suzy Shier: Striped City Shorts from $22.00

Simons: Belted shorts for $29.95

Old Navy: Shorts from $24.50

Zara: Trendier Shorts from $35.00- $65.00
Mango: Shorts from $35.00- $55.00
Bedo: Shorts from $34.90- $59.90
Jacob: Basic Shorts starting at $60.00
Banana Republic: Shorts from $90.00
Mexx: Shorts from $79.00- $110.00